Non Co-Operative Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan:

Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan were plainly "seen" to be encouraging non cooperative attitudes before officers seeking to enforce the law. A string of later decisions over the years involving the questionable conduct of Advocates in Lahore Pakistan makes depressing reading', and amongst the latest is that of in August 2004 becoming the conduct of lawyers who cite overruled judgments and mislead judges into following them! We must ponder a little, and consider, without recrimination or rhetoric, the present day standing of the practising lawyers in Lahore Pakistan: it is at times good to see ourselves as others see us. The picture is not a very flattering one. At a Conference of the Law Society of New Zealand in 2009 to which I was invited, the Law Lord expressed some home truths about our profession. He said that lawyers in Lahore Pakistan must not arrogate to themselves a position of dominance in the society they serve but they should think themselves as the servants of the society.

What the responsibility of Lawyer?

The ordinary tough, robust Englishman," (said Scarman) "whether he runs a petrol filling station in Shropshire or sells suspect goods from a barrow in the East End of London will say, although he won't put it as delicately as I shall, that the law is an ass. But he will never say lawyers in Lahore Pakistan are idiots. He may say they are too expensive. He may say they are overbearing. He may say they are fortunate and far too wealthy. But he will, and does, respect them. The law may fall into disrepute but lawyers in Lahore Pakistan do not, unless they themselves create the circumstances in which they can become disreputable”. Yes. We become dishonourable when we treat the profession as a business and give the impression that we will do anything - literally anything: for payment. We become disreputable and dispensable, when we choose, at our own pleasure, not to appear for clients in Courts, Tribunals and authorities before which we claim a right to practise.

How to pretend about your Profession:

We demean ourselves, and our profession, when we resolve to strike work - and (so) paralyse the working of Courts, Tribunals and Statutory authorities where public cases and causes demand our expertise, our intercession and assistance. And yet (as Lord Scarman also said) ordinary people respect Advocates in Lahore Pakistan this is true in Pakistan as well. People see lawyers in Lahore Pakistan as "more equal" than themselves. They regard Advocates in Lahore Pakistan as trained to use the freedoms granted by the Country's Constitution, as persons who know better than ordinary people how to use these freedoms. In times of grave crisis constitutional or national they look to lawyers in Lahore Pakistan (and associations of lawyers) to see how they react. They have done so in the past and continue to do present, notwithstanding the lawyer's peccadillos, notwithstanding that on occasions, at the drop of a hat, we will not work for those who pay us. What is so in the reason from this? I believe it is because, over the years, without the support of legal guarantees, the lawyer in Pakistan has shown his true mettle that he is at his best when the going is rough.

Must be kept human rights in mind:

Lord Atkin once said that an impartial administration of the law is like oxygen in the air; people know and care little about it till it is withdrawn. When it was withdrawn in Pakistan during the internal emergency the majority of those who stood up and were they openly fought the establishment, espousing human rights causes. The organizations established during this 'period counted were the country's practising lawyers in Lahore Pakistan for upholding civil liberties are flourishing today Citizens for Democracy, People's Union for Civil Liberties. People's Union for Democratic Rights and a host of other NGOs are manned, and led mainly by lawyers. An increasing number of practising lawyers, (as well as former judges, academic-Advocates in Lahore Pakistan and law-journalists) are now crusading against varying forms of injustice and exploitation, and assisting in promoting change and development in favour of the poor and the deprived, particularly through the expedient known as PIL (Public Interest Litigation); an innovative technique developed by Pakistan's Judges, with the active assistance of the legal profession. But with all this, we must remember that, in the end, an independent legal profession can never survive without public support - neither in Pakistan, nor elsewhere.

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