Since the IT boom in India, IT companies have gained immense popularity and many young graduates have rushed to the private sector to be hired. After a few years, however, things became clearer and people began to see how private companies had always exploited their employees.

That was when the Indian Govt job regained the respect it had lost. After the last wage commission, which was set up by the government, the lifestyle of government employees improved and people were satisfied with their jobs. The jobs became more flexible and worker-friendly. Every child, every student and every adult began to look for a government job, known in India as Government job.

There are many advantages of a Govt job such as job security, good salaries, flexible rules, enough holidays, not hectic working hours and the list goes on and on. After all the advantages and merits, people who for various reasons do not get a Govt job still fail, for example because they are not able to qualify in the entrance exams, and often they simply do not receive timely notification of an open position.

It is not difficult to keep track of the latest job offers. Companies publish the requirements on their websites together with the application forms, and the applicant only has to fill in this form and send it to the company together with a nominal examination fee in the form of a draft requirement or a cheque. Even the newspapers have all the information a jobseeker is looking for, such as job offers, requirements and other details.

Sometimes it can be difficult to actually search for a Govt job because all the above sources only have the listed job offers and the jobseeker has no way to search for a specific requirement. Such people can use the special search engines that are specifically designed to search for government jobs and job requests.