Pharell Williams is an American celebrity knows for his excellent fashion sense and wearing various hats while working in the Hollywood industry. The leading fashion icon has tied up with Chanel for designing the stylish and all-season sneakers with Graffiti street-style element. Not to mention, when Chanel X Pharell Canvas Graffiti Sneakers launched in the market, they become instant hit amongst fashion lovers.  The sneakers retained the Chanel’s original and style in unique capsule designs that are first-of-its-kind in footwear. Suitable to wear by both males and females, these sneakers were launched in Chanel stores around the world.  

Let’s understand what makes these sneakers selling like hotcakes in the marketplace. Made from 100% canvas and rubber, the shoes have rubber sole with lace-up fastening. The Graffiti design printed throughout and embroidered beautifully on the white upper in vibrant colors like red, blue, etc. The black logo detail on the white leather heel remains visible from faraway places as well. However, the USP of Chanel X Pharrell Canvas Graffiti Sneaker is different colored laces. These sneakers are available in various sizes starting from 36, 37 to 44 and 45. So, if you feel this is the best pair of sneakers for you, do not make a delay in placing an online order. The reason is every store is taking delivery time of 2-3 weeks when customers chose standard delivery option.