Cars have become an essential element of our everyday life. We cannot imagine travelling miles and miles by just foot. In short, cars are a basic necessity for anyone who travels daily. But sometimes our vehicles start to malfunction. Especially during the onset of winter, we need to take much higher care of our cars and SUVs.

As a car owner, it is your duty to maintain optimum performance standards for your car so it can ensure your best safety on the road. In addition to prioritising and ensuring your safety, the government of the UK also lays down several rules and guidelines which needs to be followed strictly. If you are still confused, allow us to inform you about the MOT test.

What is an MOT test?

The Ministry of transport or MOT test is a vital testing procedure that you need to pass(annually) so you can drive peacefully on the road. Basically, this test was started back in the 1960s to test the brakes and lights of the vehicles once they are older than 10 years. However, the MOT test 2019 is a lot different. Now MOT testing involves several factors such as brakes, engine, lights, seat belts, etc.

Why should I get an MOT test for my vehicle?

First of all, the MOT test is a legal guideline so if you plan to ignore it, you can be ready to pay huge amounts of penalties. Moreover, this test has been engineered to ensure your optimum safety on the road as it proves your car’s road worthiness. Imagine driving peacefully on the road and suddenly your car’s brakes start to ignore you. This can be both hazardous and deadly. But if your car passes through the MOT testing procedure, you need not worry about such a catastrophe.

Where should I take my car for MOT testing?

It is legal to approach a local garage for car-repairs but not the MOT test. If you want a legal and genuine MOT certificate, it is advisable to approach a DVSA certified test centre. DVSA or Driver and Vehicle standards agency is the governing body that awards MOT certification upon passing the test. If you want to identify a genuine testing centre, just look for three blue triangles at the test centre.

This sign is provided by the DVSA to genuine and approved testing centre only. An MOT certificate from a non-accredited centre is good for nothing. Driving with a fake MOT Test Finchley certificate (intentionally or unintentionally) can cause you fines and even terminate your license for life.

How is the MOT testing performed?

MOT test procedure is performed by certified technicians at a test centre. These people look for the proper functioning of your car’s brakes, lights, engine, exhaust, windscreen and most importantly license plate of your car.

Once you reach a testing centre, you can sit back and relax as this entire process takes about 1-1:30 hours. In case, the mechanics find any trouble with your car, you’ll have two options.

  • Getting your car repaired at the same garage


  • Take your car along to your trusted mechanic.

How much do MOT testing costs?

You can expect an MOT procedure to cost you about £30-£50 (depending on your car and region). But bear in mind that these prices can increase if your vehicle needs any kind of repairs.

Which auto-garage is best for getting an MOT inspection?

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