Tell me what you've ever loose/
Here's no way to get to you/
The eyes have cried/
But got nobody to wipe.
They said i'm the one they hate/
They don't know what it's meant to be/
One whom you laughed on/
Was the one whose dead down.
Now, the earth is getting heated up like/
Now, its time to shift to my other side/
All the roads that i've build only for you/
But i failed to try.
You took someone else's place/
You keep looking for my eyes to be in pain/
You even digged out my grave/
And i know that i'm just eyes full of tears.
The people know that i'm fake/
They know that i'm in misery/
But they don't know its part of the game/
That they've been watching it whole day.
Now, the earth is growling up like/
Now, its time find a place to hide/
All the lies that i've said only for you/
But i crouched to cry.