We can't  change our past,  and also 100% unknown about our future .Only one thing in our hand , that is PRESENT time .
If something can remove the stain of failure from our past life , that is our present time . Future is uncertain  .But we all have one hope that future time will come .
And the present time has the power to have a well future .

We all know these things , but we r not working perfectly  .


1.....Lack of concentration...?
2.....Lack of self confidence....?
3......Very weak dedication  to our work...?
4.....Lack of motivation...?
5....Our freakish sentiment.....?

Or anything else....?

Perhaps  we are not analysing  ourself ..From the day we will focus on our strength  and also on our weakness  den no one can defeat us at any field .Most important  thing is we have to find out our weakness  area and have to come across  those area , so dat we can easily get our success .

Today is not only one day on calender , it is an opportunity  and we have to use this opportunity  100% to achieve  our goal...

Today is a chance dat comes only once in our life .

Today is a bud , once it blossom then  no one have the power to go back and change it in to  bud ..

After one day this today will become yesterday , so why we all r waiting for...?? And for what....?????
Jump on today , use every moment of today which will open a path for ur success .......

If u use this today , then another  today will give u a  trophy of a winner .......

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...Priyadarsini Das....