We all aspire to become the perfect parents and raise the best children. But what are the most important  things or life lessons we must teach our children  so that they develop into good human beings--

Teach Sharing- children are never too willing to share but they will outgrow this phase if they are taught early to share. They should be taught the importance of sharing with friends,family and the poor.

Teaching to accept failure- children being winners is good but they have to be taught to lose gracefully. Winning and losing is part of life and they should not give up if they fail.

Teach them to follow their dreams- don't compare your children with others ,give them the space to follow their dreams.  They don't need pressure but assurance that their chosen path is good.

Teach them honesty-- teach  your children the value of honesty  and this can be followed by example. Parents should set an example for their children to emulate them.

Teach them to be independent- as parents cannot be around them all the time, teach them to be independent. They will learn to grow well.

Teach them forgiveness-- they should be taught to apologize if they make mistakes. Making mistakes and asking for forgiveness is a big thing in life.

Teach kindness-- they should be taught to be kind to humans and living creatures. Compassion should be developed from an early age.