The Mystery of the 9 Unknown Men

People have always had a sort of charm about the thought of secret civilizations. From the Freemasons to the group of people with special enlightenment, there is a certain magnetism to the belief that at the rear of the scenes of our daily lives there are persuasive energies at work dragging the strings, confidential to knowledge beyond the common man understanding, and with way in to ancient mystery beyond our wildest imaginations. They function just beneath the periphery of our civilization, their reasons and purpose cryptic and hidden, working towards extremes that we may never fully be able to comprehend. One such asserted secret society interests a shady group of nine mysterious men, composed in old India and dealt with preserving ancient secrets and guarding us against the conceivably critical facts which we manage to scrape together from the enigma of the natural world. Performing in concealment, they are circulated throughout the universe, calmly watching and accumulating ever more compelling secrets, the whole time concealed from our glimpse. These are the Nine Unknown Men. This is an inescapable story of the past in India of a secluded association that supposedly has an ample amount of exceptional observation in their ownership. Considered to have been composed over 2000 years ago, the Nine Unknown Men is extensively alleged of influencing political and societal orientation in order to take forward the private objectives of the nine. But is such a secret association a truth or is it merely the essence of legend?


According to the story of the past, this prevailing secret civilization was established by Emperor Ashoka of India in 273 BC after a bloody warfare that was responsible to take the lives of 100,000 men. It was believed that after Ashoka subjugated the province of Kalinga, which lay flanked by what is now Calcutta and Madras, he looked at the carnage of all the men and was truly distressed. Instead of pursuing more battles, his main concern became to incorporate “rebellious” inhabitants into the society. He found that, particularly in war, secret data, scientific and technological developments were often put to wicked uses. Therefore, during his time in power, natural science, past and present, were seared up and down to concealment. This led to the formation of the Nine Unknown Men.


The duty of the Nine Unknown Men was to safeguard and build up the type of secret data that would be too perilous in the hands of someone not in possession of the facts. Each of those men was assigned with holding a precise extraordinary book of knowledge. Some of these books are even said to contain the secrets of anti-gravity and time travel. In 1923, the world was educated about the being of these inexplicable men through a book written by Talbot Mundy, “The Nine Unknown,” who was a part of the British police force in India for 25 years. 

In his book, Mundy wrote that Ashoka’s society engaged an unreal language. Mundy also discovered that each of the nine members possessed a book that was frequently revised, updated and enclosed the detailed accounts of a certain scientific subject.


1. The first book handled the techniques of propaganda and psychological conflicts.

“The most dangerous of all sciences is that of molding mass opinion because it would enable anyone to govern the whole world,” according to Mundy.

2. The second book had reasons about physiology and comes up with how to kill a human being merely by touching him or her, known as the “the touch of death,” simply by the exchange of a nerve impulse. It is also believed that the martial art of Judo is a result of "leakages" from the second book.

3. The third book is concentrated on microbiology and biotechnology.

4. The fourth volume is about alchemy and metamorphosis of metals.

According to another fable, in times of severe famine, temples and religious relief bodies received huge proportions of gold from “a secret source.”

5. The fifth book consisted of a study of all ways of communication, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Implying then that the Nine Unknown Men were knowledgeable of the alien presence.

6. The sixth book was on the secrets of gravitation and genuine directions on how to construct the ancient Vedic vimana, (like vaiminika shastra on aerospace technology).

7. The seventh book was focused upon cosmogony and matters of the universe.

8. The eighth contained information about light together with the speed and how to make use of it as a weapon.

9. The ninth and the final book was on sociology. It consisted of regulations for the development of societies and the means of forecasting their deterioration.

The figure of the Unknown Men is always nine, and their unconcealed links with the exterior world are few and far between.


Similar to the secret groups like the Illuminati, there is a lot of hearsay about their present and past elements. The Unknown Men are in fact scattered all over the globe, with some of them supposedly occupying very major posts. The so-called members of the Nine Unknown comprise of the significant 10th century Pope Sylvester II and Vikram Sarabhai, the scientist who generated India’s budding space program. All the way through the early history of the world, the conservation of knowledge has been a central motive for secret societies, for instance, this one. Ancient Egyptians, Tibetan monks, Mayan priests, Free Masons, Rosicrucians and many others did not distribute their information to the external world.Knowledge was, and still is, their supremacy.