Shall we flip through the life of Hellen Keller to gain wisdom out of it? I hope you all might have been familiar about her.If you had an opportunity to come over her, you might have questioned your own Contribution. As you all know,each and every entity is price tagged according to the usability and distinctness.

Each one of you will have 24 hours, when the day starts.But, the cost charged by the prominent leaders who might be in a political field or business field  is not sync with ours.Have you ever questioned that? It all depends upon your usability and contribution to the outer world.Those who invested in them more by whatever means , will contribute more and get more.Typical stone’s usage depends upon how well we use it and where the stone is. Your own ability to contribute is also depends upon how you invest upon yourselves.

Are we useless or usedless? Obviously the second one.Despite of being physically challenged via deafness and blindness,Hellen keller earned her bachelor degree and became a first blind-deaf person to earn a degree.She even learnt 3 languages.Just imagine how difficult it is.For instance,she studied in a normal college. since she is not able to hear the teachings and also she needs to take her teacher sullivan for all the,that sullivan will make her understand by writing on her hands.Let me read a section of her life to know how she overcame her problem and became a writer.

It was a winter.She was in her home composing a story for her teacher “Mr Anangnos” - Head of Perkins Institution who offered education for her.She read the story to her assembled family at dinner time with immense pleasure.One such person also asked her whether she read it somewhere.She said “No”

Post that,she sent the story to Anangnos.Problem begins their.He published the story in one of perkins institutions report.The story published as “The Frost King” has already appeared in the Margaret T.Canby’s book.Initially , She is not able to understand and when she did,she is not able to tolerate.She was brought before court of investigations composed of 8 memebers.Her teacher “Sullivan” was forced to leave her.All the members are trying to made Hellen accept the fact “The Story was read to her”

Post that,at night while crying in bed,she thought “I should not wake up to face the next day”.She cried and depressed a lot.She dip herself in the fear.She made her mind not to write even a single letter since it will contain the influence of authors she came across.

Don’t know how she overcame this fear but she did and  published many books like

The Story of My life

Light in my darkness

The miracle worker:selected works of hellen keller etc

Have you ever questioned yourselves?How long you touched the brink of your potential?Let’s make a pledge to overcome the failure you came across and touch your fullest potential.

Keep Learning & Keep Growing