If you are born poor, it's not your fault but if you die poor, it's your fault.
                                                                                                                                         -  Bill Gates

Be a Gold miner, engage yourself in a risky but essential task of extracting benefits from the experience. Each one of us  might have struggled hard in one way or other to be in a position where we are now.  We are in much higher position than what we were 20 years back. We will be far better than what we are now. Acknowledge yourself and celebrate for the work done. But, still a tough path on your way.

I would like to share with you, the story I'm most inspired of from Most and more book.

Assuming you all aware of Chess and its rules. The list of super powers goes from top to bottom setting down the order like The King, The Queen, The Knight, The Rook and dot. Overlooking the ultimate power of the mighty Pawn, most of us never care to consider it a Superpower. 'The Pawn is the Soul of chess, they are the very Life of the Game', the saying which is left unnoticed and thus, we think it of as powerless. When the steps are taken right and battling all the obstacles that come its way, the pawn reaches the other side of the board and gets promoted as  aqueen, a rook, a knight, or a bishop. Only, a pawn has this ability of enlarging its power.  

In one way or another,we ourselves are pawn. May be we think of ourselves as low standards with an excuse of our family background or some other unacceptable excuses. But, the truth is, thinking that way is how you bring down your standards. You are not born with low standards but you may yourself lower your standards. That's unfair.  Take your right moves and lead in the perfect direction, who knows, life will give you the chance in a perfect scene  to take out even a King. That's when you'll have to gather your power and set up your squad and take the step. Because, you are that mighty Pawn, the silent attacker.

So, Keep Walking!!! Keep Climbing up on your ladder!!!