“Promises of Firefly” book by “Anupam Patra” is a wonderful collection of eleven short stories. As the title of the book, the book creates scene revolving around promises.

The author penned down every story beautifully. You can feel how much gravity Author`s words kept in his writing style and the command over words are commendable.

Every story can connect with you easily and you can be lost yourself in the world of imaginations. The plot of each story is fresh and unique.

The title is simply sweet, but frankly, I did not like the cover much, but as people say, “Don`t judge a book by its cover”, lines suits with this book perfectly. “Promises of Firefly”  is really a beautiful collection of short stories which will take you on a ride of emotions.

You will not even believe that this is the debut work of the Author “Anupam Patra” after finish the reading of the book.

I prefer to give 5 stars out of 5, but apart from the star rating, I would like to say that this is the collection of great stories that definitely make your eyes wet and smile on lips at the same time.

If you are looking for reading something different and unique you must pick and read this book.