There’s a lot of speculation about the kind of movement first copy watches online have and some of us still get captivated by the mere mention of a watch housing Swiss movement mechanism. But what do we actually know about movement mechanisms of a watch is still not clear. There are many types of watch movements that have been around for quite a while now and undeniably so, the price point of these watches is also affected largely by the movement involved.

Watch movements are majorly subdivided into Swiss and Japanese. It is widely believed that Swiss movement is aesthetically appealing, minute in detail, and costlier, whereas, Japanese movement is more accurate and precise and has the least chances of breaking the reliability.

Let us dive into deeper details into the working of both these movements and clear out the speculation that has been floating around in thin air for so long. Have a look!

Swiss Movement

Swiss movement has been at the pinnacle of watch movements and is one of the oldest forms, exhibiting the unparalleled craftsmanship of the Swiss people. This type stands for their aesthetic design, expensive price tags, and a feeling of wearing a premium product assembled in Switzerland.

When the rise of Quartz movement entered the scene, the Swiss seemed to have lost the battle but they never let go of the market and came in stronger than ever with the ETA going on to become the largest movement manufacturer in the world.

The Swiss movement also has a quieter rotor and more power holding capacity than the Japanese and also need less winding. For these reasons, the Swiss movement watches is considered to be better and hence watches with these come with a heavier price tag.

Japanese Movement

Just like the Japanese, their watch movements are also as ‘precise and accurate’. The Japanese movement stands for unmatched precision and greater automation in the assembly line leaving little to no space for human errors.

Also, since the Japanese movement is assembled with greater use of machinery, these often appeal more to consumers with a low spending capacity and at the same time, longer lasting products.

Although, the appeal and the design of the Japanese movement in not as appealing as the Swiss, these are often less sentimentally attached to people. They are also widely used in first copy watches in .

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