Reflecting on this year I was wondering what is that single thing that I would remember 2018 for.

I couldn't come to a conclusion because nothing out of the world happened. My accomplishments at work were minimal, I did not travel anywhere for a good long holiday, my health had its ups and downs and so on. I lived a very ordinary year.

Despite all this, I felt content and immensely happy thinking about the year gone by. What made it worthwhile were the little, everyday things.

Catch-ups with friends over good food, some scattered weekend getaways, simple "that's a job well done" conversations, some nights when we danced like there was no tomorrow, a dozen of books picked up from the shelf, giggles and laughters with family, all of these turned the ordinary to extraordinary.

Taking this opportunity to express my love and gratitude to all those who have been a part of this chapter.