Every time I had to attend a family function, my cheeks used to pain from smiling and I had been so used to smiling from ear to ear as soon as I see my relatives. I expected that this time too I won’t help smiling as I saw them but I didn’t.


It was the funeral of my great grandmother.


She lay garlanded with pink flowers on the spotless white marble floor, looking all peaceful with her eyes closed. It seemed she had a fulfilled life. She had able sons, a loving daughter, many grandchildren, and even more great grand children. We used to call her ‘AMMA’


I wasn’t affected much when I heard the news of her demise.


I had never talked or spoken to her expect for uttering two monotonous words to her Dhok Amma!” I had never seen her as a person I would like to talk to, I had never been attached to her. After all what mattered to me was that she was my mother's granny and my granny's mother and I just needed to pay her my respects!


But as she was being draped on the red shroud and was being taken to her son’s and grandson’s shoulder, I felt warm wet droplets roll over my cheek, my palm caught one of them, I was crying, I never thought I would!


And then I realised how much I was attached to her. I knew her so much; maybe not through my eyes but through my mother and my granny’s eyes, I loved her like a daughter and a granddaughter.


I knew how lovingly she used to feed her children and how open hearted she was to her grandchildren. The sweetest kalakand and the juiciest matiri which she served to her grandchildren were so tasty to me and the ghee laden hot served chapattis with so much of care and love were so delicious. Although I haven’t experienced all this in person but somehow I feel that even I was there with my mother and grandmother in their past, thanks to the vivid storytelling abilities of my mum and granny.


How she took my mom and her brothers to the keedi nagar to feed those ants, to the mandir along with her rhyming "Govind jai jai, Gopal jai jai, Radha Raman, Hari Govind jai jai" and her daily offering of the grand thali to God as soon as the food was cooked. I knew her so much as I have experienced her through two generations where her love gradually increased and blossomed.


A perfect mother, grandmother and now suddenly a perfect great grandmother too.


Amma was the pioneer of the love my granny and mum passed to me. She had wrapped the vast family in her affectionate aanchal and was the reason of togetherness in our whole family.


Thank you Amma for whatever you’ve given me!


Dhok Amma!


Rest in happiness!