Life is a big player. Yeah, it plays with us. It challenges us everytime. It is very much true that, life tests us. Everytime when we feel that we will travel on a straight, smooth path, we are introduced to  a curvy, uneven road with many ups and downs. Why is it so? Have we ever tried to think about it? No! Every time we are given new challenges, every time we face new obstacles, we curse life. Some say, "Our lives are worthless" , whereas some believe, "Our lives are meaningless ", some on the other hand, feel , "Our lives have no purpose. " Why do we think that life is absurd? The incident that we face, the situation we are introduced by life;  all those incidents and situations have some hidden meanings. Meanings, that we are ignorant about. And it is because of this ignorance , we stop giving value to life. Finally we are surrounded by clouds of negativity. It is because of this negativity, some people finally end their lives. This tragic end, brings the tragedy and sombreness in the lives of their loved ones. 

Life never brings negativity. It us, who feel so. In fact life understands us, better than anybody else. Life tests us, to make us strong. It tests us, so that we can learn to tackle each and every situation whenever required. We are tested by life so that we can grow wise with the time. Life is full of positivity. Only we need to sense that postivity. We need to look around us. There are people who are living in more worse situations than us. Still they are facing it gleefully. Why are we lagging behind then? The fact is that we never accept those situations that are given to us. We fail to understand that struggle is the part and parcel of our lives. Being imprudent, we believe that life is nothing but a waste. And then we are devoured by depression. We forget to smile. We are only responsible for hurting our respective  hearts and making our souls to suffer.

Life never betrays us. It loves us unconditionally. Only we need to change our view. When life tests us, it does so to teach us a lesson. It is the best teacher one can have. Being a best friend, it shows us a right path. The very path, on which if we travel, will lead us to salvation. Life adores us. Why don't we adore it then?

It is the right time for us to understand this. Life never ever thinks ill about us. It only makes us strong. It makes us fighters, it makes us ready to fight every situation. Life makes us winners, not losers. So, live life, and love it too. And also learn to make others' lives better. It is short, but a precious gift, gifted by Almighty. Don't make it worthless under the influence of negativity. Shake hands with positivity, and then, life all of a sudden becomes beautiful.