Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announced an ambitious pledge to eliminate all single- use plastic in the country by 2022. He also states that the choices we make today will define our collective future. Though these choices may not be easy, but through global partnership, can make as accomplish this together.

The plastic ban in India has caused a stir in the lives of the people. People have been so accustomed to using plastic bags in every possible way, from buying vegetables from the grocery store to discarding the same vegetable waste in the dustbin. Plastic bags have been useful to us, since God knows when, but it was always us who misused it and it was found in the gutters blocking away the flow of sewage during monsoons.

Currently in India, there is only one law that is in place- No manufacturer or vendor can use a plastic bag. The usage of plastic bags is still high but the ban is not implemented on all kind of plastic bags. The government has exempted the use of plastic bags for packages available in supermarkets.

“The ban imposed by Maharashtra government has hit the industry very hard and the plastic industry is staring at a loss of Rs.15000 crore, leaving nearly 3lakh people jobless overnight”, said Plastic Bags Manufacturer Association of India general secretary Neemit Punamiya.

“As citizens we know that plastic ban will definitely give us good results, only when we all co-ordinate and co-operate and except this huge change”, said Esha, a college student. Student and college going students have also been taking this initiative seriously, and are trying their best to control the use of plastic bags in everyday use.

Also, another good which will be coming our way, is that, the cows who stated as sacred won’t be chewing down the garbage and plastic from the dustbins in our neighborhood. Many of the cows who go strolling by on the roads, quite seldom are found consuming the waste, resulting in bad health and later on death. With this initiative taken by the government, the problem of cows chewing on garbage will come to an end, and will result in good health, instead of finding tons of waste in their systems.

Besides, the problem of cows and water blocking in the gutters, there’s another dilemma we are currently facing, i.e. garbage in the oceans. Tons of plastic is found in the depths of the water bodies is no new news for us, and we have been neglecting it for as long as the problem existed. Many of the aquatic beings have been dying due to the hazardous and poisonous chemicals and not to forget that plastic, is the major element in the disaster. Whales have been found dead on the shores and the reason been tons of plastic inside their system. These facts are enough for us to take the plastic ban seriously and think about the water bodies and the aquatic animals living within. Not only is the ocean a victim of loads of chemicals and remnants of plastic but rivers and lakes take the blow too. Leaving the lakes and rivers of the world, Indian rivers and lakes alone carry waste material weighing in tons. The sacred Ganga river is one best example that shows how religious we are, and how clean our holy river actually is. We only attempt to make our lives beautiful but do we really care about creating our so called holy river clean and beautiful? The question is still unanswered, and we aren’t making any effort to actually ponder over it and come to a conclusion.

When things become personal, only then we come with some ideas- like finding an alternative in place of our very beloved plastic bags. There’s this thought lingering in the minds of people around us, well especially the housewives. They are finding it really difficult to deal without plastic bags as they can’t place them in dustbins to discard waste. This problem is probably happening in every household now, and there is no denying the fact that people are finding it difficult to cope up with it. An alternative to this problem is using of cotton bags. But that doesn’t mea that cotton bags can be used everywhere, for example- when buying fishes or ay non veg stuff. Ad so the alterative of a cotton bag is only liable to carry out dry stuff like grocery items. Trivial problems like carrying a wet umbrella or a drenched raincoat, and so yes, its causing inconvenience for common people like us. A paper bag for discarding the dry waste in a dustbin seems like a good idea, but what about the wet garbage? How are we going to deal with this?

We need to use our brains to come up with a plan to deal with this huge change together. We need to help each other to try and come up with solutions amongst ourselves.