In this fierce competitive world, people always wants to be ahead of others and show the world that that they are the only living beings having knowledge of anything & everything. It’s not at all wrong to show that you are knowledgeable but the method you opt to prove that should be honest. It’s not required always to prove others wrong before you present your idea because you are not participating in a debate in every time you talk to others. 

Here were are talking about the behavioral aspect of the personality of individuals and  it is applicable when we are at home, office, market or in public gatherings. 

What makes people to show this attitude? Let’s discuss few parameters of it.

  1. To gain certain advantage and benefits by showing other low:  Is it the best way to for self-up-liftment by showing others low? Questions need to be asked while we prove other wring unnecessarily. Psychological research has found that, human beings has this tendency to gain the advantage, get noticed as a talented person by somehow showing other low in that moment and the discussed matter when probed later found as illogical or incorrect. Why people do it? Because there is a motive behind it and today's world is all about running in rat race to win.
  2. To command and control : Science has proved that only 10% of human brains are utilized and only 0.01% of the population uses more than 10% of their brain. Then should you use more than 10% of your brain to command and control? Obviously no. People shows their arrogance, dominant nature to others who are otherwise innocent, normal people (not true always) to prove their authority and leadership. And by that, indirectly respect is demanded not earned.
  3. To keep the knowledge only with themselves: Knowledge is the source for making money. You will find only very few handful people who shares their knowledge with other without having a fear in mind that their positions will be in trouble or their values will go down!! Yes, this happens very often with people who wants to leave others behind and in a race to win. 

Let’s find out why so called intolerant-intellectual persons are not respected rather they demands respect?

  1. Attitude: Respect is earned not demanded, Knowledge is not directly proportional to respect. It’s our behavior, attitude and the respect to others which earns you respect. No matter how much knowledge you have in a particular subject, you will not be accepted by others unless until you learn how to behave yourself. There is a sloka in Sanskritनम्रन्ति फलिनो वृक्षाः नम्रन्ति गुणिनो जना: whose meaning is; "Just as trees whose limbs filled with fruit, hang down to the ground, learned people act very humbly". Over the period, people have proved it wrong by trying to show that my way is high way and you have to follow it because I know more then you and I can shout at you, miss behave with you( a license) !! 
  2. Uncontrolled Frustration: Few people couldn't achieve what they dreamt of, thus frustration released upon others around!! Others also can contribute to your success if you show correct behavior. Ratan Tata told correctly "If you want to walk fast then walk alone but walk together if you to walk far then walk together". 
  3. Ideas are just thrust upon: People just throw their ideas on the fly by reading some or other jargons without hearing others issue and not trying to address real problem. Because they think they are the only genius born on this earth, whatever they say is Veda(Ahh..too much rite).. 

Not to drag too much, the conclusion here is "the behavior, respect towards others, the approach to make others understand are key factors earns respect". People having multiple degrees are not respected unless until they contribute to society. Likewise, excellent students are not always the excellent teachers or professors. Studying and remembering pages on books are not same as to making others to understand the concept easily and effectively. Knowledge is not to take the mileage but to help others to solve problems (even if it's very little) with your experience and knowledge then people salute you, follows your word and you earn respect. No need to demand it.