How PST file can be moved to Office 365? This is one of the basic questions when a user migrates from desktop Outlook application to cloud-based Office 365 platform. Microsoft offers two manual methods to move PST data to office 365, one is by using network upload and the other is by using drive shipping. But these manual methods fail to move complete files from PST, also there are chances that files may get lost from Outlook or Office 365. To avoid this risk 'Import PST to Office 365' is used. This software transfers the file easily and quickly.

Apart from meeting the basic requirement of transferring files, it offers various other features that make the file conversion convenient and flexible. The files can be transported in bulk without any error. Check out some advantages of PST to Office 365 tool

Benefits of Import PST to Office 365

Complete File Transfer: The Outlook PST files get transferred properly, each and every component of PST file gets migrated including the messages, mails, contacts, address, calendar entry, notes, tasks and attachments.

Multiple PST File Migration: The software supports the transfer of multiple PST files to multiple Office 365 accounts. It can be used to transfer files in bulk by providing information on CSV file.

Transfer OST File: If the Exchange Server Cache mode is enabled then it transfers the Outlook Data file (OST) too. So, get back offline storage file also in addition of PST

Import PST to Archive Mailbox: The software supports migration of PST file to Office 365 public folders, groups, archive mailbox, user-mailbox

Selective File Migration: If a user does not want to move the entire contents then select the required files by filtering them on date, time, type of file, sender's ID and other parameters and transfer them to Office 365

Generate Log Reports: When the entire process is complete, this software generates the log reports of process which contains details like number of files transferred, repaired and other activities.

Compatibility: The software is compatible with all Outlook/ Office/ Exchange version and it can be installed on Windows 10/ 8/ 7. 

Thus the 'Import PST to Office 365' software has several features that make the file transfer easy and convenient.