The haircut of the man is one of the most important manifestations of his external care. Because tell yourself, you will sooner see if someone has an unwashed crest than worn shoes. For both, by the way: don't. The ideal hairstyle is within reach for every man if you follow these five tips.

Choose the right hairdresser

The perfect haircut naturally starts with the hairdresser. But how do you find a good one? The easiest way is to ask someone with a cool haircut. Next, it is important to build a bond with your hairdresser. Now you don't have to drink a beer with it, but try to go to the same hairdresser all the time. This way, he gets to know your hair and can provide you with sound advice. Saying no is also part of it.

Use shampoo and conditioner

Good shampoo and conditioner ensure that your hair always looks healthy. The majority of men do not use conditioners, probably because they think it is effeminate. Sin, because it softens your hair, making it easier to blow-dry.

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Use a hairdryer

We come straight to point three: the hairdryer. Do not be afraid of it, because here the following applies: the better your hair is blown, the better it is when you apply your hair product. Go with your hands through your hair and blow in the direction where you want your hair to go. Easy right?

Use the hair product that suits you

If it goes wrong here, it also goes right. Everyone's hair is different, so there is never a general product to recommend. A good tip is to ask your stylist what he uses. After all, it is often best after a haircut.

For hair products, pomade or wax is especially good with a more slick look, while a paste mainly gives a messy effect.

Quickly release

Once your hair is blown into the desired model, you can start styling. Try to distribute your wax or paste as evenly as possible from the hair root to the tip. Do not use much, but build it up. It is not bad at all to do something. It is just like salt in the kitchen: use too much, and you can start again. Again, indeed, your hairdresser can probably best explain how your haircut works best.

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