Tonic To Achieve


People do things for their own different reasons, and not yours. We could understand this with a story illustrated by a farmer, when he and his son had tough time getting their calf back into the barn. As they were scared about giving up, a little girl passed by. All she did was put her little finger in its mouth for it to suck and the calf promptly followed her to the barn. 

There is ONLY "Self Motivation".  If I could throw my 2 cents of experience I would dare to bet there is only something called "Inspiration" that we could do and the motivation for action then rests on the shoulders of the sole person who would perhaps act in the course.

 He who does not see need not have no eyes yet is blind;  He who can not see need not have no eyes too but need not be blind 

Everybody in the world are just trying to motivate others rather inspire by their actions. If so, who are inspirations? Everyone that succeeds in the respective area, or a failure, tries to motivate others.

Motivation is an outcome from one’s own soul. You feel motivated. And you “are” bound to feel so by “external inspirations”. 

Here are few examples of how I keep myself on my toes. One of them always works for me.

1. Just grab a book and read. An inspirational book or a book of success stories. By reading these books, you not only learn from others but the story will motivate you to move ahead with your plans.

2. Jot down a purpose. If you write down straight from your mind, your goals and your intensions , read it over, it definitely inspires your actions.

3. Talking to a supportive friend or any acquaintance whom you feel very positive with.

4. Discipline in day to day life helps. Just like healthy food regulates metabolism, good discipline regulate positive thoughts.

5. A morning walk or a long evening run leaves me with fresh ideas, positive and thoughtful.

Motivation does not get imbibed in us by just reading motivational books, listening to motivational speeches and watching motivational stuff. Yes these things would help us for a shorter period of time and then we again get back to the square one. External factors inspiring you would keep you motivated may be for a while. But what after that? Repeat the above points again. Hammer yourself with inspirations.

No one can motivate you the way you can motivate yourself. IT IS THE tonic to achieve.

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.” ― Jordan Belfort