Sunaina Sharma, mom of a cute little boy and an IT professional. She is sharing her life's snippets on her Instagram @mom_and_her_life.

Sunaina says, "When I heard my baby's first heartbeat, my world changed completely. These were the most beautiful moments of my life."

When her son was 6 months old, she joined her job again. Though it was very difficult for her to leave her 6 months old baby at home for work.

But after a few months, she realised that her son needs her more. So she left her job to enjoy more time with her son.

Leaving her job was a tough decision for her but her husband supported her at each step.

About her blogging journey, she says, "Blogging happened by chance, I was no so prepared to start a blog so I started micro blogging through Instagram. I share my motherhood journey and some helpful tips with other moms. I share true story of my life through my blog."

Blogging gave her confidence, she learns a lot throughout her journey.  She named her blog "mom_and_her_life".

She says, "Parenting takes a lot of patience. Dealing with kids is like writing an exam. Every word and action is important because you have a tiny human watching you all the time. Motherhood is a pleasurable experience  without which every girl is incomplete."

Her journey is an inspiration for others in the path of parenting and balancing between the family and work.

She is a self-motivated person who loves exploring new avenues in her life, along with her daily routine she is oriented towards learning new things and explore vast horizons of her interests.

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