The jade plant(Crassula ovata)  is also known as money tree and stone lotus.It is a  succulent native to Africa .They can grow up to 10 feet.They are both indoor and outdoor plants with low maintenance.They are used as house plants to add colour and foliage to the garden.Along with their beauty they have a lot of medicinal uses.

Treat warts:

They look ugly and can cause discomfort to a person,so people try to get rid of these ugly warts with commercial wart removers.But they can be removed naturally with the leaves of a jade plant.The leaf is sliced and the juicy portion can be put on the wart supported by elastic bandages to hold the leaf in place.They can be put at bed time and removed in the morning.They should be used for several weeks and the warts will fall off.A natural,inexpensive remedy.

It is the indicator of the health of people living in the house.It removes the negative energy from the people living in the house,it is known to bring good fortune in the house.If a person is ailing in a house where jade is kept, it starts withering and the moment the person recuperates the plant too becomes healthy.It cleans the air of the room making it a healthy place for living.

It has anti-viral,anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

It is used to treat wounds,boils,cuts and scratches.Gruel made from the leaves is applied to the wounds which help to treat it.

Juice of the jade is used to treat sores on the lips.The jade juice solution is used as a rinse in sore throats.

The jade juice solution is used to cure inflammation in arthritis and itching and swelling of mosquito bites.

Leaves help in healing of gastric and duodenal ulcer.

Used to get rid of corns

Infusion of the leaves treats varicose veins

Jade juice and liquid vaseline are used to treat haemorroids

It is used in treatment of nausea,epilepsy and diarrhoea

'This plant also saved me from under going surgery for a second time in two weeks...I have this condition called multi exostosis syndrome, i grow extra bones in my of which i had to remove.Two weeks after the
surgery i noticed my scar was opening and had a hole which i could see right through to my bone. I visited my doctor and was told that i had to go through another operation so that he could clean my leg again...

I then remembered Jade! and had nothing to loose by trying it.
So i cut the leaf in half squeezed some of its liquid in the hole in my leg and placed the leaf on my wound rapping it with an elastic bandage to hold in place. I placed a fresh leaf two times a day and within the end of the third day the hole started to close. This leaf tends to absorb all diseased substance from the wound.'

Don't overuse or misuse.