Summary- In this post, we will focus to solve the user query of how to import .pst file from Outlook to Thunderbird application. That’s why we will discuss the various methods available to import Outlook .pst file into Mozilla Thunderbird. So, follow the entire post and grab one of the suitable techniques to perform the complete process for importing Outlook PST file into Thunderbird without any problem.

Various Methods to Import Outlook .pst File into Mozilla Thunderbird 

Here we discuss three topmost techniques to import emails from Outlook to Thunderbird email client. All three methods are listed here in which you can opt for any of the one that suited and meet as per the conversion requirement. Let’s starts the step-by-step working guide of all the methods.

Method 1: Import mail from Outlook to Thunderbird Application on Single Machine

  1. First, you need to go with the Start button on your Windows machine, then Default Programs. Now, Set Outlook your default program. By ticking on the Set this program as default
  2. After that launch the Thunderbird application and choose the “Tools” button. Then, hit on the Import/Export Menu
  3. Now, select the radio tab that appears next to Mail and then hit ‘Next’. Choose Outlook from the given list and click ‘Next’ again.
  4. At last, the dialog box will displays and press on “Finish” to complete the import process.
  5. Important Note: - The above steps of the process only applicable on a single machine. Users cannot involve multiple machines to import Outlook PST files to Mozilla Thunderbird application.

Method 2: – Move Outlook Emails to Thunderbird Using Google Takeout

In this method, you need to configure your Gmail account into Outlook. So, let’s follow all steps are mentioned below.

  1. Open the Outlook Profile and go to “File” from the navigation pane
  2. Choose ‘Add account’ that will open another window
  3. Enter the details such as Username, Email ID Password to provide with the user details
  4. After that go to your Gmail account and click on ‘Settings’
  5. Choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP and select Enable IMAP > Saves the changes
  6. Another time, transfer to your Microsoft Outlook email account and go to “File“
  7. Now, all your Gmail items have been configured into Outlook application. And, you can simply view all your Gmail email into Outlook.
  8. Finally, go with Google Takeout and choose the folders that you need to archive such as Calendars, task, messages, etc.
  9. In this step, you will have a copy of emails on your Gmail Account. And, you have to unzip the zip folder and that has been transferred from Gmail to extract MBOX files.
  10. At last, you can import all these MBOX files into Thunderbird email client by using Import/Export Tool.

Method 3: Shift Microsoft Outlook PST Files to Thunderbird Using Software

  1. Download and open Outlook to Thunderbird Tool on any Windows 
  2. Import the PST files using Add File or Add Folder button and then select it
  3. After selecting the files, insert the location where you want your MBOX files and hit on the Export to MBOX button
  4. Three advance options display on the screen. Choose any of the one and hit on the Ok button to starts the import process.

Why you should Opt Method 3?

Method 3 provide Outlook to Thunderbird Tool to perform the solution for importing Outlook PST file into Thunderbird without any high efforts. And, this solution offers so many benefits to its users alongwith the simplest steps of the process. It facilitates batch functionality that supports the performers to import unlimited Outlook PST files into MBOX file format at once round of the process. Also, with this advance software, you can get your MBOX output files at any desirable location by selecting in the process. Moreover, the tool supports all Outlook editions including 2019. Save this Log option also available at the end of the process that will help out to save the complete conversion report on your desktop. Moreover, the tool is simply workable on any Windows OS platform. So, these all benefits of software can attract you to import Outlook .pst file into Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

Last Words 

The above post explained all the three methods available in a marketplace to solve the issue of how to import .pst file from Outlook to Thunderbird. Now it’s your turn to choose any of the one which is suitable for importing Outlook PST file into Thunderbird email client. All the best…

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