Follow one of the three workouts each day for working out your entire body. 

Workout No.1: The Strength Training Workout-


Hand Walk
A. Stand with feet wider than hip-width apart. Bend knees to place hands on floor. Take three steps forward with hands until in high plank position.
B. Take three steps backward with hands to return to feet, and stand tall. After 30 seconds, add an elbow plank after crawling out to the high plank position. Continue for another 30 seconds.

A. Keeping core tight and hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, lower your body to the floor so your chest grazes the ground.
B. Push back up to high plank position. Continue for 30 seconds.

Triceps Dips
A. Start by sitting on the edge of a bench or chair, hands on the edge, fingers facing your body. Keeping shoulders back, engage core and upper body to lift butt off chair/bench.
B. Inhale and slowly bend your elbows at least 90 degrees. Pause, then exhale and straighten your arms back to starting position. Keep chin parallel to the ground. Continue for 30 seconds.

1A. Biceps Hammer Curl with Lunge

A. Hold a pair dumbbell by sides. Curl them up to shoulders, palms facing in, then slowly lower back to starting position.
B. Step forward into a lunge with the right foot so that both knees form 90-degree angles.
C. Hold the lunge, and perform another biceps curl. Push off right leg to come back to starting position. Continue for 30 seconds.

1B. Lunge Hold with Curl and Press

A. Holding the right leg lunge, curl dumbbells toward shoulders, palms facing in.
B. Press dumbbells overhead until elbows are by ears, keeping palms facing in. Slowly reverse the movement. Continue for 30 seconds.

1C. Triceps Dips with Weight

A. Perform triceps dips as described above, but holding one dumbbell vertically between knees. Continue for 30 seconds, then hold the lower position and pulse for 30 seconds.

Repeat exercises 1A and 1B on the left side.

2A. Skull Crusher

A. Lie faceup on a bench or the floor, holding dumbbells directly above shoulders, palms facing in.
B. Inhale and bend elbows to 90 degrees, lowering dumbbells over face. Exhale and squeeze triceps to bring dumbbells back to starting position. Make sure elbows stay directly over shoulders. Continue for 30 seconds.

2B. Skull Crusher to Shoulder Press

A. Perform three skull crushers, then hold weights in toward chest, and crunch torso up to sitting.
B. Stand up and perform three shoulder presses. Squat down and sit on the bench to repeat. Continue for 30 seconds.

3. Chest Press

A. Lie faceup on bench or floor, holding dumbbells directly above shoulders, palms facing toward feet.
B. Inhale and lower dumbbells to chest, elbows going wide, forming a 90-degree angle between forearm and biceps. Exhale and press dumbbellsback to starting position.
C. After 30 seconds, hold left weight over chest. Perform two presses only on the right side, then one press with both hands. Continue for 15 seconds, then hold both arms at the bottom of the movement and pulse for 10 seconds.
D. Repeat on the opposite site, performing single-arm presses with the left arm. Continue for 15 seconds, then hold both arms and the bottom of the movement and pulse for 10 seconds.

4. Standard Biceps Curl

A. Sit on the edge of a bench or chair, holding dumbbells by sides with palms facing forward.
B. Curl dumbbells toward shoulders so that palms are facing shoulders at the top.
C. Continue for 10 seconds, then hold at the top for 10 seconds. Repeat three more times.

5A. Right-Side Triceps Kickback

A. Start by standing over bench or chair with one foot on either side, dumbbell in right hand, palm facing in. Hinge at the hips and place left hand on bench, keeping core tight, back straight, and shoulders and hips square. Pull right elbow up so that triceps is parallel to the floor.
B. Keeping upper arm stationary, exhale and squeeze triceps to lift the weight until the arm is fully extended and weight points toward ceiling. Hold for one second, then inhale and lower back to starting position. Continue for 30 seconds, then hold in an extended position for 5 seconds.

5B. Overhead Triceps Extension

A. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbell in right hand directly overhead, palm facing in. Keep core tight and chin parallel to the floor.
B. Inhale and slowly lower the dumbbell behind head, keeping upper arm stationary and elbow pointed toward the ceiling.
C. Exhale and squeeze triceps to raise dumbbell back to starting position. Continue for 30 seconds.

5C. One-Arm Shoulder Press with Squat

A. Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding dumbbell in right hand with upper arm parallel to the floor and forearm forming a right angle with palm facing forward. Keep core tight and chin parallel to the floor.
B. Exhale and press dumbbell overhead so that wrist is directly over shoulder, palm still facing forward. Continue for 30 seconds.
C. Holding dumbbell in racked position next to right shoulder, squat down onto the bench or chair. Push through heels to stand, then perform a shoulder press. Continue for 30 seconds.

Repeat exercises 5A, 5B, and 5C on the left side.

Workout No.2: Lower Body Routine-

There are hundreds of workout routines on social media today especially on the YouTube platform. One of the most effective workouts on the platform are by a Youtuber- Leslie Sansone. The channel name is “Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home”. It currently has over half a million subscribers. Leslie shares:

“We’ve been walking for over 25 years! What started as a few aerobics classes in Leslie’s health club in the 80’s (big hair! leg warmers!) has grown into the #1 in-home walking program worldwide, with over 19 million DVDs sold! From the very first “Walk Aerobics” VHS tape to our latest best-selling DVDs and downloads, we’ve produced over 100 in-home walking workouts. Our “Walking” burns more calories than a stroll around the park because It’s a series of multi-muscle moves set to the beats per minute of music! WALKING is MEDICINE!”

The channel has amassed over 84 million views since July 2011.

Channel Link:

This workout can be done in your living room or even your bedroom. You can watch the video and follow Leslie as she instructs the next exercise. Leslie will do the workout along with you and there are other students in her video too so that you have company. 

The workout consists of constant spot walking. Leslie adds countless variations in the spot walk. Some of the variations are side steps and cross forward steps. The pace of walking is regulated by Leslie to get you to warm up your body efficiently. The walk activates all your body muscles. It consists of toe taps too. You will be challenged to keep up with the pace of the routine. If you are unable to do it on their pace, it’s okay- you can go slow. As Leslie says it herself:” Go at your own pace, it’s fine.”

The workout needs you to more your arms to by swaying them and rotating them in different directions according to your footwork.

It may sound very easy but it is much more difficult when doing it yourself. The workout activates your glutes and quads effectively. It also challenges your core from time to time.

If you have any back or knee injuries worry not!

Leslie’s got you covered as she points out each variation for the movement if it is not advisable for people with injuries. Other than the 20-minute workout, there are many other videos ranging from ten-minute workout walks to 2-hour long routines.

Workout No.3: Upper Body Workout-

1. Push-Ups

Full or on knees (20 reps)

2. Knee-Ups

Stand and quickly alternate lifting right and left knee to hip height. (Do as many as you can for 1 minute.)

3. Goal-Post Press

Extend arms out to sides at shoulder height, elbows bent 90 degrees, palms forward. Raise arms over head, then lower to start. (30 reps)

4. Jumping Jacks

(30 reps)

5. Upper Bells

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Place fingers behind head and bring right elbow toward right hip, then left elbow toward left hip. (25 reps per side)

6. Jab/Cross

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, left foot forward, knees slightly bent. Jab forward with left fist, then cross over with right fist. (Do as many as possible in 1 minute.) Switch sides for second circuit.

7. Planks with Cross-Overs

Begin in full push-up position. Pull right knee toward left elbow, keeping abs tight and back flat; return to start and repeat, alternating sides. (15 reps per side)

Beside following these routines, you can select yoga or just committing one day entirely to stretching and relaxing your muscles.