Kongka La Pass – The Home of the Inhabited

The Himalayas, the land of mountains and hills, finds its mention in the most serene and picturesque destinations of India. Many people tired of their mundane life seek to enjoy a few weeks of bliss in the lap of this land. They wish to explore and capture some of the rarest and panoramic moments that they could cherish for the entire lifetime to come. But, can this supposedly enthralling journey turn into something very unprecedented? Maybe or maybe not!

There are infinite numbers of galaxies in this great universe, one being our Milky Way. In this galaxy alone, there are over 200 billion stars. Are we the only ones that survive?

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) or extraterrestrial objects have always fascinated mankind. The curiosity to know about the other life has made the area around Kongka La Pass quite mysterious. Kongka La Pass is a low ridge, disputed pass that bifurcates the Indian and the Chinese borders. It is also the pass on which the India-China war was fought in 1962. Post the war, the boundaries were divided and its northeast extension is in China known by the name of Aksai Chin while its Indian counterpart is extending in Ladakh. 

No permanent settlements, an entirely inaccessible region, and a no man’s land are what Kongka La Pass encompasses. In absence of any scientific evidence due to its difficult and entrenching terrain, rumors are bound to be rife. Locals on either side of the border have witnessed many UFO sights hovering around the region. Not only this, they also believe that an underground UFO base exists in the pass where many UFO’s descend and arise before wandering into emptiness. The reason behind this belief is the depth of the Earth’s crust at that point which is twice than any other region in the world. This depth can be associated with convergent plate boundaries. These boundaries are formed when Earth’s one tectonic plate dives under another. Thus, giving much credence to an underground UFO base. 


There have been several incidents in the past that makes one wonder about the possibility of the existence of a very different life than our own.

  • In 2004, a group of geologists were performing an expedition in the Lahaul-Spiti region of Himachal Pradesh, where they captured a robot like a figure, 4 feet tall and walking on the mountain ridge that disappeared in the pass when the group moved closer to the figure.

  • In 2012, the Indian Army saw a ribbon-shaped object floating in the skies above the Pangong Lake. In order to accurately determine the object, the army brought their radar and spectrum analyzer closer to the object. While the object was clearly visible to the naked eye, the equipments failed to detect any signals, which point out to a different set of spectrum and object known to mankind.

  • An array of strange lights was noticed in the western skies of the pass by a small group of Hindu pilgrims who were on their way to Mount Kailash. When they asked their guide about this unusual phenomenon, the guide very calmingly replied that this was a very common occurrence in that area. 

  • Google Earth imagery has caused more speculation than ever. The images show the surrounding buildings in the pass as some kind of military facility. 

Going by the facts and past experiences, experts and extraterrestrial investigators have pointed out the anomaly in the region. Given the recurring nature of appearances of these terrestrial objects, one is forced to believe in the unnatural. But without concrete evidence and scientific explanations, we chose to remain ignorant of the issues that can transform the mankind forever.


Although nothing has been said out in the open regarding the UFO expeditions, the Indian and Chinese governments are very well aware of the developments that are spanning the region. Maybe it’s because of national security or even global, which is even more imperative or any covert agreement with the extraterrestrials that nothing has been made public. But, only the time will tell when the truth will come out and the truth would be a shocker that could transmogrify the entire civilization we believe is the greatest of all.