We all know that Quinoa has got a huge nutritional benefit to it.  It is a gluten-free product that is rich in protein and contains essential amino acids also.  It contains a good amount of fibre, B vitamins, magnesium, iron and other components that can really provide our body with overall health along with its antioxidant benefits as well.  Today we will be discussing nine reasons why we should make Quinoa a part of our regular diet to keep ourselves healthy and fit from inside.

The reasons are as follows:

Nutritional contents

As mentioned earlier Quinoa has got huge amount of nutritional content embedded in it which strengthens and rejuvenates our body from within making us strong and healthy.  It contains protein of 8 gm, manganese of 58% of the RDA, fibre around 5 gm, Copper of around 18% of RDA, zinc around 13% of the RDA, potassium of 9% RDA along with a very small amount of calcium, B3 and vitamin E and etc. You can order diet food online using Zomato coupons with great discount.


As we all know that Quinoa is a seed grain that is free from gluten which is one of the most primary reasons that it can be consumed by most of us from young to old.  This product is an excellent diet for those individuals who are not so very keen to give up staple foods like pasta, pieces of bread and etc.  Quinoa increases the antioxidant value of the diet as well.

Low Glycemic Index

Quinoa has got a very low glycemic index.  The glycemic index is the simple measurement of how fast a food raise blood sugar levels in an individual.  Unlike other foods that cause common diseases like stroke, cardiac arrest and others, due to low glycemic index Quinoa can simply be a healthy and wholesome diet for patients especially those suffering from heart issues and diseases.  Quinoa has got a glycemic index of 53.

 High in Minerals

Quinoa has got a good quantity of minerals added to it.  Thus as a diet, it can really provide us with good amount of minerals and good for especially those who suffer from mineral deficiency.  Quinoa has about 58% manganese and around 13% of zinc content.  It contains different other important minerals including 9% of potassium, 15% of iron content along different others.  It also contains a good percentage of oxalates in it.

Improves Metabolic health

Quinoa contains a good amount of beneficial nutrients which helps to improve the metabolism rate improving proper digestion and absorption of the food we eat.  Moreover, it significantly reduced the blood sugar, insulin and triglyceride levels in our body eradicating the negative effects of fructose which is very essential.  Thus we can easily say that those suffering with metabolic health issues or concerns of high blood sugar can easily use Quinoa to improve matters permanently.

Rich with antioxidant properties

Quinoa is well known for its antioxidant properties.  Due to this very reason, it helps to neutralize free radicals and can be regularly taken in our diet to cure many diseases.  The Quinoa seed is thus preferred over white rice as it is wholesome in nature and provides a healthy diet along with supplying our body with antioxidant properties rejuvenating out the body from within.

Weight Loss

In today’s date most of us suffer from weight issues and being overweight there are different types of diseases that are creeping into our body.  This phenomenon is worldwide and is a serious matter of concern in today’s date.  It has been medically proven that taking Quinoa on a regular basis we can not only able to reduce our weight but also improve our metabolic rate helping a proper digestion and absorption of food in our body.

Easy to make

Quinoa is very easy to make and it gets prepared within a short period of time with a maximum of 15 to 20 minutes.  Adding water to Quinoa and boiling it for 15 to 20 minutes with a hint of salt is enough although there are other dozens of ways that you can make it tasty and serve it in your plate. You can apply for Health Educator Jobs to know about this field.

Contains high fibre

Due to high fibre content Quinoa helps ease our bowel movements helping to lower the cholesterol level and it helps us to live long and improves our inner health.