What is love? Everyone have their different-different perceptions on love. Now-a-days relationships are very common, Both the person involved in relationship love each other, then why the conflict arises? And at the end why it turns to over, We call it ‘breakup’!

We give our best in a relationship, we try to keep happy other person, do everything for the other person whom we love, we sacrifice many things in a relationship and that is really good, we should . But still the question is same, Why conflict arises? Conflict arises when the expectation comes in between our relation. And if our expectation doesnt get fulfilled , we get hurt and we say the other person doesn’t love us, don’t understand us. Did you every stop for a minute and think how the other person would know what do we expect from that person? because what we expect from the other person, only we know that, because that is going in our mind so how the other person will get to know about it ? Then we say ‘EXPECTATION IS NATURAL’.

I totally agree its natural, but instead of expectation if we try to understand the other person and accept the way they are, Our relationship would be so beautiful, there will be conflicts.