“Get a simplified technique to convert Mac Outlook OLM to PST format effortlessly by following step by step procedure.”

The release of Outlook 2019 has caused a lot of mixing amongst both Mac and Windows OS users. Several reasons have come up since its release, making all users rethink about decision to switch from Mac to Windows. This blog emphases on former side of the argument, i.e. OLM to PST conversion. The latest release of MS Office has brought in numerous changes in a way things worked on Outlook for both OS. However, Windows complement of Microsoft Outlook offers a wider diversity of features as compared to Mac Outlook. Therefore, various users are seen changing from their presently chosen client, based on the latest release of MS Outlook. Let us have a look at why and how to carry out Mac Outlook OLM to PST.

What Requires an OLM to PST Conversion?

Outlook for Mac users have amply of reasons to leave behind an application and switch to Windows Outlook. However, these aims will all be situational and user explicit, so they cannot be defensible on universal level.

General queries, which originate the requirement to perform an OLM to PST migration are:

  1. How to open an OLM file on MS Windows platform when it is not support by Windows Outlook?
  2. Is it likely to open OLM file in Outlook for Windows in some means?

How to Convert Mac Outlook OLM to PST?

Follow the given steps to migrate Outlook Mac OLM files to PST format as mentioned below:

  • Download and install OLM File Converter on your machine.
  • If you want to load multiple OLM files then, Select Folder option. Otherwise you can select an option - Select File to execute selective .olm file migration. 
  • After browsing data files from stored location, tool will show you the path. Click on Next. 
  • If you want to get data from the corrupt OLM files then check an option >> Next.
  • The software will show all the OLM folders, check preferred folders that are required to move from .olm to PST >> click on Next.
  • Choose PST from list of file storing options. 
  • Choose desired location to save the migrated data in your machine.
  • Once the migration is completed, you will have the message of completion on screen.

In this way, I uploaded all OLM files to PST mailbox directly. OLM to PST Converter helped me a lot as it moved all data directly without any problem being faced while executing the data conversion procedure. The best thing, I found is that I transferred bulk of OLM file at a time without negotiating quality of data. Before ending let us have a look on the reasons to migrate OLM to PST. 

What Makes Users Switch from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?

Some reasons, which technically make MS Windows platform more capable are:

  • Budget Friendly: Windows PCs are commonly present at diverse vendors and are customizable that makes them reasonable. You can select any type of configuration then, enlarge it later on as per your requirements.
  • Hardware Flexibility: As mentioned above, hardware or software based customizations can be done easily on Windows system than on Mac. Mac doesn’t allow you interfere with the most of its settings as well as hardware.
  • Less RAM Usage: Windows configuration takes lesser amount of RAM. Virtual memory in MS Windows is more in contrast to Mac. Unlike Mac, when a system is running low on the memory, it will create errors, might slow down, but never breakdown. 

By ending my topic of discussion, I would only say that I had never though that data conversion is so simple but it is all likely because of OLM to PST Converter. It’s important to select a right software at right time.