The little girl with broad spectacles and a shiny smile lightning her face just like the moon on a full moon night , always thriving to be a star – Not a bollywood star or The star student of her class but her ‘Parent’s Superstar’. That day was special when she came home running while butterflies in her stomach couldn’t even wait for the school to get over and she could simply rush to her own confined special world and tell her what she had achieved that day. And that world seemingly her universe was none other than HER MOTHER. She bagged 1st position in mere Quiz Competition but for her (being an average student), it meant standing on the 9th cloud ! Her mother simply hugged her and told her the million dollar words of the girl’s life “I am proud of you, Beta”. What could be more fascinating than this sweet candy for a child who everyday lives for happy smiles on face of her parents?
While growing up she achieved great lessons of life but she always missed the little childhood nostalgias that made her smile and cry each time they clicked her. I miss the little me.