There are times when you can be enormously happy in life. Cherish them. There will also be numerous instances in your life wherein life will put you down. Sometimes very hard. So hard that you may think that this is it. The end. You think of giving up. But that is life. You fall. You try to rise. Maybe you fall again. Maybe this happens again. And again. But you will rise. And when you do, you will shine brighter than what anyone could have imagined. So keep on trying. Don't give up. Don't let others decide you can't. Because only you decide for yourself how far you can go. How high you can rise. So dream,act and believe in yourself. Because that is all it takes. For you to rise. For you to reach to heights that you've wanted. Stop doubting yourself. Stop comparing yourself with others. Stop thinking about all the bad things that could add on to your problems. You are different in your own way. You need to focus on your own goals in life. And you have to cut the negativity in your life. You can't possibly succeed if you carry negativity in your mind. Just take a deep breath,compose yourself,set your goals straight and do everything you can to reach them. That is the only way. And if you do this, in time you'll find yourself going onto the right path. Closer than ever. Towards your goals. The life you've always wanted. And you have no one to thank but yourself and the almighty God.