HELEN KELLER---- American educator, activist and journalist.


Helen Adams Keller was born on 27th June 1968 in Alabama, U.S.A.In 1882 she was stricken by some grave illness which left her blind and deaf. In 1887 her teacher Anne Sullivan who was visually impaired gave her a lot of moral support and helped her to learn communication.Due to Anne's encouragement, Helen could attend college and she graduated in 1904. In 1920 she helped find the ACLU. She received many honors for her accomplishments.


Helen Keller came from a modest family , her father had served as an officer in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.She didn't come from a wealthy family they sustained themselves from the income of their cotton plantation.She was born a normal person but sickness caused disability of sight and hearing at 19 months.During childhood, she learned to communicate with the help of sign language.Due to her disability she became unruly and started throwing tantrums.Her mother came to know of Graham Bell the inventor of the telephone.He was working with deaf childre. she met him and he suggested that they should take her to THE INSTITUTE OF THE BLIND in Boston.Her parents took her there and a young graduate Anne Sullivan became her mentor.

Anne isolated her from the family and then gradually taught her to communicate with sign language.In 1890 she took speech classes at Horace Man School For Deaf in Boston.From 1894-1896 she attended Wright- Humason School For The Deaf in New-York. In 1896 she attended Cambridge School For Young Ladies.Her story became public and she started meeting influential people.Mark Twain was impressed by her and helped her to get into Radcliffe College.She was accompanied by Anne Sullivan who interpreted lectures and texts to her.She graduated at the age of 24.

In 1905 Anne married John Macy and Helen lived with them.The marriage didn't last long as Anne was devoted to Helen.

After college, Helen went into social activism as she wanted to help people.Anne was always by her side giving her moral support but unfortunately in 1936 she passed away.In 1914 Polly Thompson who was her secretary became her companion.

In 1946 she was appointed the  Counselor Of International Relations For the American Foundation Of Overseas Blind.Her autobiography The Story Of My Life was used as the basis of television drama series of 1957 The Miracle Worker.In 1959 the story was developed in a Broadway play.

Keller passed away in her sleep on June 1st, 1968 a few weeks before her 88th birthday.She has to her credit 12 published books.


Inspite of dealing with a disability she became the first blind and deaf woman to graduate and win honors and accolades.It is said 'Where there is a will, there is a way.'