It is an instrument implemented by the City Councils to avoid the consequences of unhealthiness, insecurity or abandonment that can cause buildings, whether homes, offices, warehouses, shops, etc. the lack of proper conservation of them. 

This instrument obliges the owners of a property to submit it to sydney building inspections, the first one at twenty or thirty years after its construction (according to municipal ordinances), and the consecutive ones every ten years since the last building inspection. In this way, the buildings are intended to maintain their adequate safety, health and public decoration characteristics.

What Ordinance regulates building inspection?

The Periodic Inspection of buildings and constructions is regulated in article 169 of Law 9/2001, of July 17, on the Land of the Community of Madrid and in the Unique Additional Provision thereof. 

In each municipality, the building inspection is always regulated by the Municipal Ordinances. In the case of the city of Madrid, the building inspection is regulated by the Ordinance on Conservation, Rehabilitation and Ruinous State of Buildings, published in BOCM No. 45, dated February 23, 1999. 

In our section of municipalities has a complete list of regulatory ordinances of the building inspection in other municipalities.

Is it mandatory to do the building inspection?

Yes, as stated in the aforementioned Ordinances, it is the owners of the buildings that are responsible for the building inspection.

What is the scope of the building inspection?

The building inspection aims to review four fundamental elements of its building:

  • The Structure and the Foundation.
  • The Facades, whether exterior or interior, and Mediations.
  • The roof of the building.
  • The networks of Plumbing and Sanitation.

Other facilities, such as electric or garage ventilation, are outside the building inspection. The building inspection has, in principle, visual character, which, in case of buildings with important pathological processes, is clearly insufficient. In that case, it would be necessary to consider the building inspection as a starting point from which to carry out more thorough inspections.

Who does the building inspection?

The building inspection can be carried out by any professional legally entitled to do so. In the case of residential buildings, this training corresponds to Architects and Technical Architects. These technicians can work independently or framed in companies. 

What you should be clear about is that these technicians are never municipal officials, except that you do not perform the Inspection within the legally established deadlines for this, and the City Council is obliged to perform the Inspection in a subsidiary manner.

What are the criteria to determine if a building is in a favorable or unfavorable building inspection condition?

These criteria are always specific to the technician who performs the building inspection, and may vary from one professional to another.

As a general rule, pathological symptoms that cause unfavorable STI should be considered as those that jeopardize the safety of the property itself and its inhabitants (structural damage), the safety of pedestrians (detachment of the facade elements or their cladding), or the habitability of the building (seepage of water by cover or facades inside the building, rupture of pipes or gutters, etc ...). Dirt on the facade will only be a cause of unfavorable STI if it is caused by causes that can lead to damage such as the previous ones.

What are the procedures before the City Council?

Once the building inspection is carried out, it must be approved by the corresponding Professional Association, and then presented to the corresponding Municipal Board Registry or to the Town Planning Department of each municipality.

You should not worry about this aspect, since the management of administrative procedures is included in our fees.

What happens if I do not do the building inspection?

If you do not carry out the building inspection within the legally established deadlines for this, the City Council will force you to perform it, giving you a period of three months to do it. If after that period, the building inspection still does not take place, the City Council may impose up to three coercive fines to force it to be carried out. If it persists in the breach, the Inspection will be carried out by the Municipal Technical Services in a subsidiary manner, always charged to the Property.

What happens if the building inspection is FAVORABLE?

If the building inspection is Favorable, the administrative file is closed directly until the next ten years.

What happens if the building inspection is UNFAVORABLE?

If the building inspection is Unfavorable, you must begin the rehabilitation of your building.

If the characteristics of the works required the realization of a technical project prior to them, an optional address or a technical scaffold assembly document, we are at your disposal to write it. Consult our technicians if you have any questions.

Once the works have been completed, a second inspection must be carried out to check if the works have been carried out correctly. If so, the corresponding Technical Suitability Certificate will be issued and submitted to the City Council, which would resolve the file until the next ten years.

How much does the building inspection cost?

The price of the building inspection sydney is free, and is set by each company according to its own criteria. If the Inspection turns out to be Unfavorable, after the completion of the works, you must perform a second building inspection to certify that they have been carried out correctly.

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