Organica brings goodness of natural ingredients in your gulaal

Festival of colours is right on the corner, markets and stores are filled with colourful pichkaris
and gulaal and all we need now is to go to the market and take all the colours available.
Holi isn’t just a festival of colours but is celebrated to remember the victory of good over bad. I
find holi as the happiest festival, it lets you enjoy in true sense. You eat, dance, run and throw
colourful gulaal on each other. While the colours can itself convey a lot, it becomes really
important to choose gulaal not just colour wise but also quality wise.
There have been a lot of complaints from people that harsh chemicals in colours irritates their
skin and sometimes the situation gets worse. There have been many instances when people
were rushed to hospital because of the reaction caused by chemicals used in colours.
Well, we can see that the harsh chemicals and bad quality is all over the market but this not holi
is celebrated for, right?
So here are we with some beautiful colourful gulaal that are not just organic but is good to your
skin. Organica – Organic
Festive Colours, is a range of gulaals that are made of organic materials.


Organic Basant
Organic Basant is a yellow gulaal that is made of turmeric, gramflour and maida. The turmeric
gives the yellow colour to the gulaal while the maida gives the soft texture. Gram flour on the
other hand is really good for the skin.

Organic Dhaani
Organic Dhaani is green gulaal. The green colour in the gulaal comes from ingredients like Tulsi
and henna. Other ingredients added in it are maida, turmeric and other natural extracts. The
colour is natural and do not have any harmful chemical.

Organic Gulabi
Organic Gulabi is a pink gulaal that is made from carrot, beet root and turmeric. The maida
gives the texture and the natural extracts makes the gulaal safe for use.
All these gulaals are completely organic and contains natural ingredients. All of them have
turmeric that ensures that your skin do not get any kind of infection and stay healthy. All the
gulaals mentioned above have natural extracts added in them. They promise to make your holi
more colourful and safe. Organica – Organic Festive Colours are the goodness we need to win
over all the harmful and chemically made gulaals.