There are several benefits to buying your own franchise and taking control of your life. If you’re wondering why it’s a better alternative to starting your own business, the following reasons should be enough to convince you.

Franchises have a strong foundation.

Many people choose to start a franchise instead of building their own company from scratch because there’s already a strong business foundation. The brand, marketing, and almost all the things that new business owners are usually concerned about are already in place. Additionally, most franchises have business reports and KPIs that provide information to help you figure out how to run your franchise and make informed business decisions.

It’s easier to obtain financing.

It’s not easy to come up with the capital to start your own company. It might take time to get a small business loan from a bank, especially if you’re a sole proprietor. While franchises can cost a lot to purchase and operate, it typically doesn’t involve much struggle to get your hands on a loan. As franchises are part of recognizable brands, they tend to seem more credible to banks and lenders. 

Higher likelihood of success.

When you start off with a strong foundation, as with franchises, you’re more likely to succeed. As there’s already an established system in place, combined with the business support, your company is more likely to succeed than if you try to figure out the nuances of running a business on your own.

You still get the experience of a startup.

It is extremely fulfilling to build your own company from scratch. However, there’s also a lot of risks involved in starting a business. Fortunately, starting a franchise can provide the same satisfying experience with managed risk. 

Franchises are more supportive.

Many new business owners can’t rely on anyone but themselves. In contrast, someone joining a franchise has an entire company behind them, providing support and advice. Franchise owners can take advantage of the knowledge and experience franchisee peers have to offer and to make sure their franchise succeeds. 

Academics Prekindergarten is a leading group of childcare centres in North America specializing in early childhood education. The school focuses on children's learning experiences, with an emphasis on parent communication and partnership. Academics Prekindergarten has a distinct education model; Academics Edge, which builds a foundation in math, science, reading, writing, and physical and social-emotional literacy.

Academics Prekindergarten provides personal, in-depth support to its franchisees. The school is looking for entrepreneurs and professionals in Canada and the United States who want to be business owners and have a desire to shape the future.

If you’re interested in becoming a franchise partner, Academics Prekindergarten guides its franchisees through its Academics Roadmap, provide sites for selection, manage design and development, and train franchisees for business ownership. This training ensures that all schools offer the highest quality in child care and early education in North America.

Franchise locations currently available for Academics Prekindergarten include Burnaby, Richmond, Victoria, Vancouver, and Squamish in British Columbia. Become a franchise partner, contact