Significance of Blue Color Everywhere, specially Hindu gods

It is not just specially Hindu gods but symbol of Judaism, Christianity, Christ eyes, Game of thrones’ Dead Walkers’ eyes, Columbia company’s symbol lady with blue cloth… the color blue is running like a blood line … creating a mass psychosis.

But listen Blue, what it says,


(1)Hindu Gods as blue skined.

(2)The blue color of Judaism.

(3)Look at the eyes of Jesus Christ, it is blue.

(4)The blue is another word for royalty.

(5)From Egypt.

(6)Blue is found in all civilizations.

(9)Sony Picture Entertainment’s Lady with blue colored cloth.

(9)Now in Game of Thrones [GOT] we see color blue for dead people’s eyes.

(10)Flag of Sweden.

(11)In Sikhism.




First, we must know that blue symbolizes truth, and the need of god arises in masses for masses. So the gods are created by masses for masses. And we all know an avtar comes for Dharm Santhapana that is for the establishment of ‘Law & Order’ for masses. That is why it is masses who worship them, not few only.

But what is truth, the naked truth actually? Should be call ourselves animals because we belong to animal world? Or should be Alienate ourselves and call ourselves Homo-sapiens?

The Darwinian will say that Homo-sapiens is just another animal, which is 100% true, so we can live like animals according to them. The believers will say that we are not animal but a separate being called the human-beings aka ‘man’and this again is 100% true so according to them we must behave in a certain way.

But two true but totally different Ideas, will put us on a never ending war(remember we are on war already). So what is the solution to end this war?

[Now notice color of Hindu Gods cloths]

Blue & Yellow in Sikhism


The herds needs yellow (a cloth, an idea/a wisdom) and the wise(only few always) is already wearing blue (The My Truth).

Thus, it is my blue(my truth) with your yellow(your idea or your way) which makes this world green because we cannot live alone.

We see that the Avtars (major Avtars Ram &Krishna) come for Dharma Santhapana, bringing law and order for living beings, brining an idea so that we can live in harmony and peace. Thus we see Vishnu wears yellow cloth. Color yellow the symbol of wisdom. The major Avtars of Vishnu, Ram and Krishna both wear yellow.

Here we notice it that both Ram and Krishna two different persons are two different Avtars of one being only. One being Vishnu means ‘Us: Homo-sapiens/human beings’ and two different avtar means ‘two different ideas’, an idea or a changeaccording to need. When Lord Ram comes he brings different idea as per his era/yuga’s need. When krishna comes he bring different idea to solve his era/yuga’s problem.

Their ideas are there to serve masses, to show the right path to masses not few. The idea is brought in to ‘Tame the Mad Bull aka masses’, to save the few from masses, the masses who have gone into ‘a mass psychosis’… imposing their will on all, affecting one after other like a virus affects, creating a fission reaction, becoming a cancer by imposing their will on whoever comes in their path, the path which they followed as a true path of salvation, shown by an avtar, the shepherd to his herd who seemed them true=Blue. So we have color blue for not just Avtars/hindu gods but also in all civilizations.

But the ‘Me too Movement’/‘Resident Evil’/‘Demons’/Dead Walkers of GOT/the Jews of ‘Passion of Christ’ and many more and Us: the masses all represent a mass psychosis. Following a path, forcing our will on other like Dead Walkers of GOT for we are “lost”, because we want to remain lost. And can not see anyone alive,… of different color : of the idea (yellow) because another color new color irritates us, makes us restless... in a very simple term I DO NOT WANT TO GO INTO LIGHT… IN SUN/INTO NEW IDEA BECAUSE … ‘it melts, it awakens my frozen existence, frozen by tradition and ancestors.’

So, we want to make all blue eyed because my truth is truth(blue/fresh) rest are false(yellow/autumn).

[Eight religions bring 8 living-ways or invisible handcuffs(The Tradition) to ‘CIVILIZE’ the special animal called Homo-sapiens. The intellectuals or feelings or Darwinian struggle for their freedom, for their survival because ‘YOUR TRUTH CAN NOT BE MY TRUTH, because YOUR BLUE CAN NOT BE MY BLUE, SO WHY I WEAR YOUR CLOTHS? ’]

we see below the result of Mad Masses: Dead Walkers of Christ time, as we see Dead Walker of GOT doing. As we see terrorists doing , as we see parents forcing their blue color on children, society forcing their blue on each one.

[Now Christ looks beautiful because he has become blue… the color imposed by mad masses]

See below picture of Matrix

Like matrix we are in torn cloth(rotten idea), and we want a new one .. the new idea… new truth …


‘The mass psychosis is making human extinct; we need to renew blue … a reincarnation= Acceptance of new generation with tradition=a new man wearing wisdom.’=A Blue Man, Again!