Glamorous, grand, and at times quite cheesy but overall entertaining are few characteristics any modern-day individual would use to describe Bollywood or Hindi Film Industry.

Even though an outright fan, someone who does not like to pass judgement but simply enjoy, aspects of few movies have always bothered me.

1) A perfect example would be the 1998 blockbuster Kuch Kuch Hota Hai directed by none other than Karan Johar. Here the protagonist Rahul Khanna shamed Anjali while they were in college for not being beautiful in conventional sense, but tried breaking off her engagement, and professing love when she started wearing saree, and growing her hair long, eight years later.

To know more, check out this write-up till end.

2) Okay I love Saathiya, and can watch it over and over again. Aditya and Suhani's love story simply melts my heart. However, after giving much thought, I realised Aditya won over Suhani by following her everywhere, in layman's term, by stalking, which is also in today's era perceived as a punishable offense. Now that is quite problematic, isn't it?

3) The next in my list is Hum Saath Saath Hain. Let's not go into how over-the-top everyone's acting was because that would consume a prolonged period. Sapna, played by Karishma Kapoor, was said to always top college but unfortunately her character throughout the movie does nothing much other than cook food and dance. I must not single her out but all other female characters, who had important professions, such as Sonali Bendre, aka Preeti, a doctor,  were considered mere support system of their male counterparts.

4) I have no grudge against Dostana because every actor in the movie looked pretty hot, and performed pretty well, but there was a particular scene, which made me cringe to the core. The female protagonist introduced her homosexual boss to her two guy roommates, who were pretending to be homosexual. When they all met, they start dancing to an erotic number, which was simply painful to watch. I do not know who found this humourous but for me, it was extremely derogatory or insulting.

5) The last one is Salam Namaste. Nick abandoned Amber after she got pregnant, and realised his mistake just when she went into labour. Amber decided to start her life with him once again, forgetting everything. Well, I or any self-respecting, and financially independent woman for that matter, would have never forgiven a man, who was so afraid of commitment that he left, and even behaved badly while I was carrying his child.

Obviously entire scenario of Bollywood is changing, and it has presented us with several excellent movies in past couple of years, yet the ones mentioned above, were hits or superhits of their own time, thus, I thought of exploring. Feel free to share your opinions.