There should not be any subsidy payment system in any government schemes or in civil supplies schemes. To supplement this subsidy provision, any government to look into the aspects of providing free basic education to all the children at least up to 8thclass, if not up to 10thclass. Moreover, as the currency created by our own government, the government has to make arrangements for earning provision, opportunities for earning through various systems and schemes, so that each poor or average living family hailing from the rural, urban areas can make way for earning money and feed their children and provide higher education too for settling children in their life. The cash and money earning provision to all people living in any corner of a place in any village, city, state, country or in any continent are able to earn money for their own regular bread and butter. If any government is unable to show any method of money earning system, how poor people without money can survive? People come in to this world without any currency. It is up to government to show the routes of earning money through various petty businesses in each area. If any government restricts or controls money and cash follows, then people are bound to ask for various subsidies. So, the government to give approvals and free permissions for various schemes run by various people, agencies and nodal offices which will be of use and utility to people, society, state and to the country or any continent.

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