Love is what happens to you when your stomach is full; on an empty stomach it is just a want!! You know why God made night?? He needed all moving things to stop and rest so that they don't saturate and are fresh enough again to move ahead on the thorny paths of life.
Love should be unconditional.

Gibran says in love be prepared for everything for it will put you to threshold and bring out the best in you!
But I have different experience. If I try to define love I get confused. For if it is an eternal feeling why do we love more than one person in life? 

And if not than why is it said that love is for lifetime?? As of now I feel love is love. A feeling which covers all aspects! Be it friendship, love with parents, brotherhood etc love has many forms. When you want to marry there is an expectation. And it ruins the feeling, it no more remains eternal. In the same manner in any relation when we try to hold the love in our hands we lose it!

That is love. Somewhere Gibran is right love brings pain along with it, but that pain we rejoice, for we love! 

It is an eternal feeling can be felt for anyone and everyone. We humans have a very narrow pavilion for love. We want a name for every relation to justify it.

Lest do they understand that love though justified by god, can never be justified by humans.
I love so many people in my life. When I see them my heart feels elated, I feel music playing around me, it feels the best morning though cloudy! It just cant be explained.

Love hurts only when expectations attach. But at the same time, love echoed is the best sound to our ears. Ain’t it?

I firmly believe Love is a very vast concept. And human thinking is so narrow that it gives name to every relation to justify it. Here i would also like to mention that love between two friends is the purest of all forms because there are no reasons just true care for each other.
So when there are tender feelings growing in our heart for somebody  we immediately try to find a reason for it and go ahead with the naming ceremony. But again when the one to whom you express your love, doesn't know your defination of love, things go the wrong way.

Love can be just a feeling and it could be because of various reasons but it is mostly unexplained. When we try to attach reasoning it fails. So Blessed is the moment when we find a person who shares the right feeling.
There is no need to find a reasoning behind it and no need even to know the person because your feeling if true, love won’t  change even if they turn out to be what you could have never imagined. 

One may fall in love with a saint and later in the journey find out he is a dacoit...but does this change your feelings for him?? No! if it does it ain’t love! Love teaches you to tolerate not expect. It is not a teenage feeling. Actually love is never in its highest form in a teenagers heart. I had once read somewhere...Love is what happens to you when your stomach is full; on an empty stomach it is just a want!! 

So after you have all in life and still you have strong feelings for someon that doesn't carry expectation; It will be Love.