Diwali 2020 is about to come, and if you have not yet purchased gifts for your friends and relatives, don't delay any longer. Usually, we all give sweets as well as dry-fruits, as Diwali gifts, but why not change this trend a little this time. The way pollution is increasing in cities, why not change the trend of giving eco-friendly gifts this time, you should give plants as gifts. Besides being an excellent gift-giving option, keeping it at home or the office desk gives freshness and positivity. Along with this, many plants keep the air around you clean and pollution-free. Various websites from where you can get online Diwali gifts delivery in Delhi, so change the gifting trend and present a gift that grows your love.   

The plant is one of the most beautiful presents that you can give to your precious one as a token of your love and blessings. The stale indoor atmosphere allows contamination to remain and can cause cerebral pain, irritation, nausea, aggravation, and dizziness. There are reasonable and straightforward arrangements accessible for countering this developing issue of indoor air pollution and exhaust smog so that oneself can save from such situations we mention in the previous line. Things being what they are, while we keep the enthusiasm of celebrations still flawless, why not move towards a greener, more joyful Diwali? So, try one of these plants we are going to share below that can be helpful to make eco-friendly Diwali as well as work as Diwali blessings. 


It's one of the most mainstream and favored names for fortunate plants known for bringing favorable luck, wealth, well-being, and success at home. Other than this, the elaborate estimation of bamboo plants is high because it is accessible in the various number of stalks that accompany vehicle karma benefits. Giving a bamboo plant is a good fortune that will fill the person with positive vibes once he/she gets it from you and do positive things enthusiastic by positive vibes they created around.

Money Plant

This selective Money Plant is an ideal present for any individual who appreciates developing astounding and excellent houseplants. This lavish green plant is one of the plants that purify indoor air, helping you in Inhale fresh air without going out. This plant is accepted to pull in riches and to thrive and is perfect for the home. If you are about to send Diwali gifts online to your near and dear ones residing away from you, then this is the best option you can go for. Make it a try and see the happier faces on the video call. 

Amaryllis Lily

Amaryllis Lily, the pretty creature of nature, symbolizes beauty, love, and strength; thus, giving it to your near and dear ones you want to strengthen your relationship with them forever. This is the most natural flower that thrives easily inside the home; all it requires is a little amount of water and sunlight. It is the unique and so refreshing flowering plant that is sure to bring a huge smile on the face of the person who you give it to. This will beautify your home and purify the air and help you take proper breaths.


This greenery with red blossoms can be the best option that you can give to your dear friends, as this symbolizes love and friendship. A flowering plant is the best option for almost every occasion. If you are about to order Diwali gifts online for your favorite people, then an easy to care plant is the best choice your dear ones will treasure forever. This eye-catching plant will surely steal the receiver's heart at fight sight and turn their face into a glowing smile. 

Jade Plant

This is the Diwali fest we are talking about, what can be the best gift rather than a plant which symbolizes good fortune? Some beautiful plants that you or your dear ones can keep in the living room or office desk? Well, this is one of the best eco-friendly gifts that you can give this Diwali. Make your plant-giving even more beautiful, add a DIY greeting card made from reused paper, and greet your special ones lovingly. Before gifting this plant, don't forget to pack it properly to give it a unique appearance. Once you go for this, the recipient will admire the present forever. 

Celebrate this year a green Diwali by gifting your near and dear ones the plants we mentioned above. All are easy to care, and you can find them from nearby nursery homes easily. In this way, you can make a trend of giving plants every Diwali in order to celebrate eco-friendly celebrations.