How to merge the Outlook PST files?

With time, a user's Outlook PST files increase in numbers and sometimes creates confusion to look at several PST files multiple times. One has to go through all the PST files in order to find some specific mail. If you have so many files, then it might be a difficult task to handle them. So, to avoid this situation a user can merge or join the several look-a-like PST files into one. Merging of PST files has several benefits, some of them are discussed below. In this blog, we have discussed both manual and Outlook PST merge tool method.

Why merge PST files?

Oftentimes multiple Outlook files create confusion and this may cause severe problems related to PST file handling and management. Some of the reasons to integrate PST files are listed below:

  • Avoid chances of accidental deletion

  • Saves a lot of time 

  • Improves overall productivity

  • Sharing multiple PST files can be a difficult and time-consuming task. 

  • It lets a user access PST files from multiple accounts into one

  • One can more effectively manage two or more inbox folders

  • It becomes more convenient to share 

Methods to merge PST files into one

Generally, the Outlook does not have any direct tool or feature to merge the Outlook PST files. But you can try this method to merge the PST files. 

In order to merge the PST files, first, we have to create a new Outlook data file.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook

  • Click on “New Items” then “More Items” and finally click on “Outlook Data File”.

  • Now select the desired location where you want to locate the PST File and name the PST file and click “OK”.

  • Further click on the “File” tab then go to “Open” and then click on the “Import” option.

  • Under the “Import and Export Wizard” window. Select “Import from another program” then click “Next”.

  • Select Outlook Data File (.pst) and click on “Next”.

  • Click on “Browse” button and choose the desired file to import.

  • Select the “Do not import Duplicates” option, to avoid importing the duplicate files.

  • Click on “Next” button and then click on “Select the folder to import from” option.

  • Put the right mark on the Include subfolders and Import items into the same folder in option.

  • At last, click on Finish.


Drawbacks of manual method 

  • It does not merge the Archive PST files 

  • Sometimes it copied or import the duplicate PST files 

  • Requires higher technical knowledge

  • Any wrong step may lead to data corruption or data loss

  • One cannot merge PST files in bulk quantity

Best method to merge Outlook PST files 

As we can see, the manual method  has several drawbacks and the method becomes ineffective in case of the bulk merge. However with the Outlook PST merge tool a user can easily merge the PST files without any problem. The tool is an easy way to merge the PST files and it supports the bulk merge process hence, a user can merge the PST files in bulk quantity. 


Features of the Outlook PST merge tool-

  • With the tool a user can merge several PST files including contacts, emails, journals, tasks, etc. 

  • The tool maintains the quality and integrity of your data 

  • There is no file size limitation

  • The tool supports both Unicode and ANSI PST file

  • A user can also encrypt the PST file after the merging process. 


In this blog, we have discussed various techniques to merge an Outlook PST file. If you have few PST files then you can go with the manual method but if you have multiple PST files then you should use the Outlook PST merge tool.