Money is the big factor that plays a very essential role in education, and due to economic disparity in our society, quality education is sometimes not accessed by the needy. Therefore, scholarships help the needy to get access to education, they act as a stepping stone for the students and help them to get quality education at nominal rates or free of cost. Scholarships provide support and assistance to students and encourage them to perform better.

The scholarships are the inevitable escape to the increasing cost of education. Since education is a fundamental right, Therefore, scholarships help students to access their rights without any compromise on the basis of the money. Scholarships not only help you to cover the educational expenses but also gives a student an opportunity to expand their knowledge base. A merit scholarship is given to students who have a high level of academic or extracurricular achievements in any specific area such as athletics, academics, or creative arts. Merit scholarship encourages students to study, to accomplish their educational goals, and to make their dreams reality.

There is a school in Abu Dhabi named Global Indian International School (GIIS) which offers the Scholarship to meritorious and eminent students within their own countries of residence. The APJ Abdul Kalam scholarship provides a platform for virtual learning experiences that makes a student capable of achieving their career goals. This exclusive scholarship is offered to a small number of outstanding students who are great in their academics. Students, including those studying in the GIIS campus or looking for new admissions, are also eligible to apply for this scholarship.

APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship is a merit scholarship, mainly focused on technology-based talents across the world. Through this scholarship, a student can learn, enhance their knowledge, and can become a technologically skilled individual. This provides an opportunity to learn digital and all advanced tools & techniques that can make you stand out from the mass. This scholarship helps parents who are facing financial difficulties and unable to afford their children’s education.  If a parents are looking for a platform for their wards for overall development that includes personality development as well as skill development, they can opt for APJ Abdul Kalam Scholarship.  This mainly focuses on providing a digital platform for making learning interactive, interesting and fun loving.

Steps to follow if you’re thinking about Scholarship:

Start your research early: If you want to be a part of a scholarship competition and want to win, encourage your students to focus on high grades in academics. Make them understand the significance of extracurricular activities. Encourage them to participate in activities that can uplift their records.

Select your area of interest: As early as possible, start analyzing your skills and interests. Make sure the student knows for which merit scholarship they want to apply and they have relevant accomplishments. Apply for scholarships in the area in which you can excel. 

Start preparing for exams: For achieving a merit scholarship, students need to qualify for exams and there are standardized scores that are considered for getting scholarships. Encourage students to prepare for exams by making them understand the significance of merit-based scholarships. Help them in preparing for all relevant exams.

Work hard on your application: Give time to research and put together all the information regarding scholarships that are suitable for you. Ask the student's teacher to provide letters of recommendation. Prepare a decent and error-free statement of purpose to attach with your application. Avoid unnecessary use of words in your application, and use short & meaningful sentences.

Things to remember about winning a merit-based scholarship:

  • Start your deep research on a merit scholarship at an early age

  • Make sure you’re choosing a school which is matching to your profile for scholarship 

  • Apply after checking all the mandatory requirements and make sure you are filling all the   required sections carefully

  • Don’t leave any section blank

  • Upload all your academic documents in the application form in the required format

  • Keep checking the all due dates and make sure you’re not missing any important date

  • Proofread your application 2-3 times and make sure someone else is also checking before submitting the application form.

  • After final submission, keep checking your emails for further updates.


The main aim of the scholarship is to provide success in academics to students and promote advancement in education. In order to be a step ahead in a career, earning a scholarship is worth an achievement. Moreover, getting a scholarship provides financial benefits, and provides equal opportunity to the weaker section of the society. Furthermore, getting a scholarship can help to get a plethora of educational and employment opportunities.