Over time, the harm caused by coronavirus to various countries has further expanded, and the number of virus infected people in most countries is still increasing. For this reason, many countries have begun to restrict the travel and gathering of citizens, which has affected many industries that require multiple people to participate. The game field has also been affected by this disaster. Based on the current situation, it is likely that the next new extension of Path of Exile will not be officially released at the expected time.

According to the information released by the developer Grinding Gear Games on the official website of Path of Exile, they originally planned to release the new expansion of the game in June this year. However, the development progress of all the games under the studio has been seriously affected by the corona virus pandemic, including POE and Risk if Rain 2. At present, the members of the development team have started to start the POE Currency remote work mode, and they take home the equipment necessary for the game development work to continue the related work. However, this development model is difficult to ensure the efficiency of making games. Remote work means that every link will be delayed, including data integration and creative exchange.

While it isn't ideal, it's going to even be better if the expansion comes out later. Developers have set a tentative launch date for the game's expansion on quarter day, but it isn't clear whether or not they can meet this deadline. Players can expect a higher-quality result from the developers because of the delay, though.

Game developers have already agreed that the coronavirus lockdown is bad for business, it's going to actually arising to be good. per a report by Channel News Asia which covered the results of the pandemic, playing video games just like the Nintendo Switch's "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" may provide a replacement way for families and friends to urge together while staying apart.

For those who are quarantined, staying at home every day is boring because they have little to do except for electronic entertainment. This is why game service platforms such as Steam and video streaming platforms such as Twitch have recently been able to continuously break the record of the number of users, because more and more individuals and players who are bored choose to spend time on these platforms. Not only that, MMOAH as a professional third-party game currency provider is also insisting on providing users with the best experience. Now, POE players can immediately visit the official website of MMOAH and enter the POE page, where you can buy cheap and safe POE Currency and POE Items and enjoy fast delivery.

Although the current development work faces very big challenges, the co-founders and developers of Grinding Gear Games are confident that they believe they can successfully complete this difficult task. In the gaming community, they tell POE fans the good news: Even if all the work is done at home, the upcoming new expansion of POE is also worth looking forward to, because they will ensure that the quality of the expansion is the same as the previous expansion.