Various kinds of events are organized by people in general – like Birthday parties, Weddings, Corporate Parties, etc. While there is always an occasion to celebrate which the guests are invited, frankly, the thing everybody actually looks forward to is the food!

The scent of delicious multi-cuisine delicacies coming from the food section attracts everybody! If the catering service is really good and the dessert is mind-blowing, it will sure-shot leave a huge impact on everyone’s mind and will make your event go super-hit! 

However, most of the guests are bored from tasting the same old desserts like Gulab Jamun, Rasmalai, etc (Not Gajar Ka Halwa, though! We could never get enough of that!). There is an immediate need for an update in the dessert section.

Here we present some unique desserts that you can serve in your function.

Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine

What’s great? A dessert! What’s better than a desert? Two deserts! That’s exactly what this dish comprises of! There’s Rasmalai wrapped in chocolate mousse mix! Thinking it’s complicated? You can’t be more wrong! If you want your guests to get a touch of heaven, then you should definitely include this dish in the dessert section. Birthday Party Venues in Ghaziabad often serves a lot of chocolate dishes, but we bet you haven’t tried this one!


Shrikhand is also known as Green Yogurt and is very famous in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Made of yogurt, sugar, saffron, and cardamom, this is a very sweet and delicious item to serve as a dessert. Commonly known as the “ambrosia of gods”, Wedding Venues in Ghaziabad should definitely start adding this item to their dessert menu! It will definitely be a hit in the function!


It is a Bengali dish that you can never get enough of! Curdled milk is indeed an incredible ingredient for a number of mouth-watering recipes. Sandesh is made from freshly crumbled paneer, powdered sugar, and cardamom. Just three ingredients and this Bengali recipe will have many ardent followers. This sweet and appetizing dish should definitely be a part of your menu!

Coconut Rice Pudding

Coconut is the source of some flavorous dishes. Coconut Barfi is a favorite among north Indians, but have you ever tried Coconut Rice pudding? Coconut rice pudding is sweetness personified and made with coconut milk, cooked rice, skimmed milk, vanilla extract, ground cinnamon. Thanks to Kerala, the world was introduced with this flavorsome dish.

 Mango Sago

Mango Sago or Mango pudding is a typical Indian snack that you will find in most of the festivals in North India. It is mildly sweet and tempting when you get lovely, ripened mangoes. If you are wondering what sago is, it is granular starch obtained from palm trees. This is something everyone can have, even complete vegetarians as it is made from milk, condensed milk, sugar, mango, and sago. When garnished with mangoes, this is an absolute delight.

These are some mouth-watering delicacies that you can introduce in your functions that will make your event a hit amongst all your friends and family!

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