Sometimes due to virus attacks the whole FAT volume gets corrupted and the user is unable to view the files present on that system. I am quite sure that you might also have come across this problem. Usually in a hard disk there is a FAT file system in which the data is stored. But due to some corruption issues the user is unable to view data present on it.

The only way out is to try a professional FAT Recovery software in order to recover the files from a corrupt hard disk. This tool is specially designed for FAT File system recovery. It helps the user to recover data form a corrupt FAT File system of the hard disk.

Let me you more about the software. This software has three modes of recovery. The standard recovery mode is for minor corruption, advanced recovery mode for moderate corruption, and deep recovery mode for severe corruption issues.

Even this tool supports both the partition tables that are MBR and GPT. After recovering all the data from FAT file system the user can view them in a tree-structured format. He can only save the repaired data if he is using the full version of the software.