There are two basic kinds of energy in feng shui, they are Sheng Chi or dragon's breath which is positive energy and brings good fortune and the other is Shar Chi which is negative energy and brings about problems.

Poison arrows of feng shui: they are the negative energy emanated from sharp objects pointing towards the main door,the house and the body.It comes from T-intersections where a road terminates in front of a house and sharp corners of furniture and wood.These poison arrows can cause a loss of job,money and health.

How to identify and correct poison arrows:

Exterior poison arrows more harmful than interior ones

A home or business near a cul-de-sac or a T-junction is very harmful

If one is facing problems one must examine the house exterior

Arrows hit maximum in East,South East and South West region which are health,wealth and relationship areas

Family problems,sickness,children not doing well,a new construction etc should be taken into consideration

Barriers like trees,wind chimes,walls,mirrors can help to  stop negative energy

For every direction a different barrier is used

North-a pile of stones or wall erection

South -erect a wall with water flowing down it or a round fountain

SW or NE-plant a row of hedges or trees

SE or E-a round gazing ball or metal grate.A 6 rod wind chime can be put between home/business and arrow

W or NW-lights or a red colored wall

Poison arrows on the front door:

One may suffer financial difficulties or lack of opportunity

One can handle this negative energy by sending it back

This is done with mirrors and gazing balls

An X pattern can be used to negate this arrow with the use of crossed poles or spears

Canons can be erected

If sharp objects point towards the bed or body then a barrier is needed

Bedside tables with round tops can be used

For bedrooms multi-level ceilings can be made

Beams are also bad so canopy should be used over a beam

For a sharp corner on the desk a tall plant can be used

A wind chime can be used over the desk