Last year in the month of June I embarked on a journey to see Himachal Pradesh . I started my journey by road and my first stop was Naina Devi Temple  in Bilaspur district is situated on a hilltop with cable car facility. The hill temple of Naina Devi is the most famous Goddess Sati temple in India where eyes of Sati fell down. After taking the blessings of Naina Devi I went ahead to Chintpurni shakti peeth is located in Una district and surrounded by the western Himalaya. The temple is situated on one of the highest peaks of the Sola Singhi range and open from 4 am to 11 pm.  After taking the blessings of Chintpurni Devi I went ahead to Jwala Ji Temple is one of the most ancient temple in Himachal Pradesh, located in the lower Himalayas in Jawalamukhi town. The temple also known as Jwalamukhi Temple, 30km south of Kangra valley and probably the only place on earth where all five elements (fire, water, sky, earth and air) are found , I ended day 1 of my trip with the blessings of Jwala Devi thus ending the religious part of my trip . Now it was enjoy nature and other things so I began day 2 of my trip by beginning the trip to Dalhousie and it took me 2 hours to reach there but when I reached there I happy to see natural beauty and feel the weather there . Dalhousie is a place to visit in rainy season and in winter as heavy snowfall happens . It is a lot cleaner and weather is good in comparison to Kashmir one of reason could be only few people visit there . I came to know a funny fact that wherever you go in India cricket plays a important part , it helps to unite strangers and if the team looses it will ruin your day , mood and your trip as well . I ended day 2 in Dalhousie and the very next day I was supposed to go to Khaijjiar but the next day India was playing against Pakistan in Champions Trophy final so I decided to stay an extra night in Dalhousie to watch the game . I was staying at Hotel President it offers beautiful views of mountains and valley and it also had a restaurant in that buffet system was being practiced . It also had a gaint T.V on which my family along with other residents watched the match but when India lost all of us were very sad and our mood , day and trip was ruined .The weather was soothing with cool healthy air which you will never experiance anywhere in India . It is built on and around five hills. The roads of Dalhousie are famous for its shape as 8.The roads surrounding the two adjacent hills joints, to form an 8. The curving road and the jawdropping cliff on one side of the road did nothing to assuage our troubled hearts. Thick forests of pine and deodar covered the hill slopes with the trunks of the trees easily a few feet wide. Dalhousie quietly ensconced amidst pine trees with a charming background of the snow clad Himalaya, has a breathtaking scenic beauty. The next day we started our journey towards Khajjiar. It is the most exotic and scenic beauty place around 22 Km from Dalhousie. Khajjiar is officially proclaimed the mini-Switzerland ofIndia. At an altitude of 6450 ft, this saucer shaped green meadow, ringed by Devadar Trees has a lake in the middle complete with floating island. It’s the best place to spend more time as compare to the other places. In that meadow people play games and all types of adventure sports takes place there . There are few hotels so people stay in Dalhousie and visit Khajjiar . Wheather was cold ( rain made it more cold and fun to live ) , food was awesome , cleaner , people were great and it is truly paradise of earth as few people come there . I stayed at Royal Residency there and it also buffet system , veiw from this hotel was awesome . Important note Manimahesh starts from there as well in the month of August and on the clear day Kailash is visible from there . On my last day there it started raining and continued raining on the next day as well . Wheather got super cold , in khajjiar it was impossible to predict when rain will stop and road started to destroyed as time passes . In order to avoid getting stuck for a week we decided to leave and on the way back our car got stuck in the cannal on the side of the road . Car would not come out when we started to push and we started getting cold as we were getting wet in rain . When people saw passing by saw our car stuck they came forward to help us and not caring that they would get wet and catch cold . People went out of the way to help us and with our collective efforts our car finally came out of the cannal . The smile on all of our faces were pure , we hugged each other , we congratulated each other and said goodbye to each other . Khajjiar is truely land of magic and paradise of earth .