Not everyone is a expert writer.

Not everyone is an expert poet.

Not everyone is an expert artist from start.

But everyone wants to express themselves. Write the story of their life, the story of their dreams, the story of that they daydream about everyday.

Everyone wants to let their feelings out through colours. Let the image in our minds pop out.

And this blog is the place where we will talk about their daily lifes and their problems.

Since I'm one of them. I may share some of it with you guys.

Well, let me tell you something about myself. I may be an artist and a writer. But above all that I'm an engineering student. 

I know some people may think I'm doing too many things together. But let me tell you something, this is a journey of my search. 

A search to find what I really want to be, what I really want to do.

Sometimes I think like I made a mistake by taking engineering. 


That too electronics and telecommunication branch.

Cant change it but try to work it out.

And try to keep the artist and writer in me alive at the same time.