Why Life gets more complicated?

Life is a journey of the soul. It is a beautiful passage which is to be enjoyed and relished. The warmth of the morning sun, the chirps of the birds, the flapping of the butterflies, the fragrance of the flowers and several others are the moments to be cherished forever. But life’s not only made of the sugary stuff. It does take its harsh side too. We humans, the gifted ones, have to take imperative decisions at some point in life which might make our life seem entangled in an incessant web of emotions. That’s when life gets complex and complicated.


Life never seems to go according to our rules. It’s predefined by the supreme creator. It’s meant to go a certain way and it will go, for sure, but the sweetest thing is that it’s for our own good. We often hanker that life’s unfair and why not. We might have not got the best college to study or some great career opportunity might have been lost or maybe your love interest has left you for another. Whatever might be the reason, we assume that our life’s not balanced. It’s skewed with the negative outcomes weighing far more than the positive ones. The simplest, undisputed and global truth is ‘Life is 99% unfair.’ The earlier we reckon this in our minds, the better.


People often wonder the reason behind the disordered arrangement of events that life presents to us. There is a pretty scientific reason for this and that is Entropy, which is the degree of randomness or disorder. A small example to illustrate this concept would clear the picture. If you go for an interview, say for your dream company, you have two options with you. The successful one that is you will get the offer and the other, off course rejection. You, grabbing the offer letter is one, single pure outcome. You got the job, that’s it. Let’s look at the other side. You haven’t got the offer letter. There might be various reasons. You might have not prepared well for the interview, or you forgot what you knew because of some stress or maybe it was not your day. You see, there are so many reasons for you not getting the job versus just one statement of approval of getting it. These rejections or negative outcomes cover the 99% of our life and by that logic, has more probability to occur. The remaining 1% has less probability just like its numerical value. But it is the most desirable.


Moreover, this 1% is not difficult to achieve. People achieve it every day, but that requires effort, energy, and belief in oneself to turn the odds in one’s favor. An effort in the right direction, positive outflow of energy and faith that you are doing the right thing and the outcome you are looking for is worth it, would change your future like never before. After that, every challenge, every hurdle you face would change into a stream of endless opportunities. Success will be yours for sure!