It was a story of my college life. My novel life is about to start. The novel era about to begin. The college was waiting for me, the fun, the pleasure and the whole thing I had eavesdrop about the college life.

I came to Delhi for the studies. It was so exhilarating for me to live in a different city. I came up with a plan in my mind that I will do a lot of pleasurable things in the college life like get-togethers, fun, late night parties but also focus on studies.

On the station, I saw a girl wearing tight jeans and a white top on it. Ooh, it was so pretty. I was continually looking at her. , Oh My God, she was so gorgeous. She calls for a taxi and she gone, and I am just looking at her.

I was upended on the main gate of college, shortly a calm voice came from my behind “Are you a newcomer, when I turned my head I’m shocked, it was her. The girl on the station. I cannot believe it. It was absolutely, amazing.

I alleged, “yes I’m”.

My name is Veronica she said.

Oh, I am Ojasvi. You are new too.

Yes, I am she replied. After that we attended a class coincidently we both have applied for the same course Economics Honours and in the same class. At that time, I was thanking God for finally sent someone to fill my solitude. As time passes our friendship become stronger and we started hanging out with each other. Apart from this, we enrolled ourselves in the same tuition. We both regularly came to classes and after that used to eat ice- cream and spent time with each other.

One fine day she decided to tell about her feelings for me and believe me I am also going to tell her on the same day. On that day she was wearing a pink dress and looking extremely adorable. Our tutor is explaining something on demand and supply relation and told the whole class to derive the equation. There was a pin drop silence in the class and I was not in the mood to derive demand and supply relation. She was sitting next to me and I am just staring at her, I didn’t know what happen to me at that time suddenly in the pin-drop silence I just said “so, Veronica how will you going to derive our equation because I really love you and can’t spend a single second without you”. The whole class including our tutor was staring at us and after 2 seconds everyone starts hooding. I was like “holy shit! now she’s going to kill me”. In the meantime, my sir interrupted and said you can derive your equation after class till then focus on this equation. After class, I explained everything to her and she also expressed her feeling, and everything becomes normal.