ts true that the modern age is the age of Science and we owe to science more than anything on Earth .but that doesn't mean that science can answer everything or philosophy can answer anything. Science has its own way to justify events and actions and Philosophy has its. Science proceeds by induction, which seeks theories to explain observations, but philosophy proceeds by deduction, which seems to find observation to prove a theory that's why philosophers see induction as inadequately justified, and therefore problematic for science. But They are both complementary to each other.

We are very doubtful about philosophers because we think that we made departmental divisions to cover up major divisions of the world,Like Science , Mathematics, Engineering, technology,and so on.But if we go back in time to see how these subjects are practiced,we will find the pureview of natural philosophy connected to each of these major departments more or less, depending on time and different cultures. It's more connected to course on human nature and evolution.

Science is devided into many streams but philosophy is unbrakeble ,   philosophy addresses issues that can’t be settled by only facts, it reaches to its conclusion after having the whole idea of material truth.some philosophers say that philosophy is more capable than just made us aware of physical earth,but without science we can never achieve the ideological truth that we find in Philosophy.

Philosophy has always been a part of science but the problem is we are not taught like that,We are taught not to question facts because "facts are facts" but we need to question if we really want to discover something new,we should try to understand how these facts are selected and interpreted where some are regarded more significant than others,in fact these facts are saturated with preconception and presuppositions because in reality we will pause if we are asked to explain anything without any presupposition.

We should learn more about the fundamentals of science and it's explicit way of showing how things work, it exhibits to a great degree of ethical and methodological issues, and only philosophy can interpret that by playing a primary role but it doesn't look like due to its intangible appearence.It works on the mind-body problem set the stage for the emergence of neuropsychology and therefore brain-imagining technology. Philosophy is always at work from behind in the background of science.

we can say that both subjects are dependable to each other,One gives us information and one gives us knowledge. In My judgement Science comes before philosophy cause if we don't know the natural law of Nature then how can we achieve greater also argue that philosophy is based on individual ideas,different opinions and abstract ethics,that is a Subjective thing and don't deserve to be believed in whereas science is in the business of discovering facts, delivering proofs, and disseminating objective truth hence it can't be challenged. 

Apparently it may seem true but i think not.In Science we use our experiences to gather information but we cant justify philosophical truth with experiences,so most of the time several philosophers define one thing in different way and every views is true if its follow the law of philosophy.Philosophy is based on Logic,Logic that can never be manipulated because it has to obey the universal truth.that is why it is called logic.which is implanted to our very brain to rationalize things to our own,So Facts can be challenged.

It's philosophy which makes science more beautiful and romantic in it's approach.They have always been friends in their actions but foes in their mind.Thats where the problem is,So it's time to respect each other and walk together.